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Quiet Night*

Let me start by saying… Happy Birthday, Teep! My littlest brother is 16 today! How crazy is that?

The Hubster is out with Too Cool for a couple of hours so as I was sitting in our little home enjoying the quiet, I thought I’d sit for a minute, write in here, and avoid my essay just a little longer. I’m really enjoying having a place to write… it’s something I really miss. I used to be a very dedicated journal writer, but somewhere along the way I lost track and no matter how hard I try I just can’t get back into it. Even though I feel that handwritten pages are much more personal, this is much faster and enables me to write more often.

Well, I finished my tree! As I write it’s lit up and brightening the room. I love it. I did a red & gold theme this year, and I think it looks beautiful. There’s only one gift under it so far though… I REALLY need to get going on my shopping! I don’t even know where to start… The Hubster and I have put ourselves on a new budget, so I don’t have as much as I thought I would to shop. And I decided last night that although I love the look of the Berhinger piano, I’m sick of waiting and I can find something not so expensive. So, the piano hunt begins again!

Somehow, over the past 2 years, I’ve become a real homebody. My first year at university I was out every day. I LIVED at my friends houses… I had a super Nintendo that a couple of my close friends and I used to play all the time. It was AWESOME. haha… and my best friend from first year, [Bo Bandy] would come over all the time and we’d make the weirdest foods at 3 am while studying… now I don’t even really like going out! I think I might if we lived closer to things and had better transportation. I LIVE for the day when we can get a car. *sigh*

Well, I did finally start my paper… I have 3 of 9 pages done. I should probably get back to it.

Shop Girl*

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