I like Sundays. I never have to work, and once we’re home from church we basically just have the rest of the day to ourselves. Today we came home, and while The Hubster hung out with Too Cool I had a fantastic nap. I LOVE napping. I think I even prefer it to actual sleeping! haha… we also had the missionaries over for dinner tonight, and it was a dang good meal. Sometimes I surprise myself with my cooking!! We had slow cooked ham, mashed potatoes, green beens and rice, with fresh brownies for dessert. YUM.

I’m a little sad that I couldn’t be home with my family for Teep’s birthday party today… everyone went home except The Hubster & I. I can’t believe Teep’s 16!! That’s madness!! I’m a little afraid that my littlest brother will soon be driving. That’s a very scary thought! Spart even had a friend call Teep and pretend to be [Little Red], a girl that Teep has been matched up with since birth because they both have flaming red hair. It’s really quite cute. He gets SO embarrassed when we tease him about her… I SO hope that they end up together someday.

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