• Complaining about something*

    The Piano Saga*

    Two more weeks. If I hear that one more time I think I might blow up. My piano saga has been dragging on and on and on sine JULY. I just want my piano… It all started with Long & McQuade. Well, actually it started when I moved away from home and no longer had a piano to play, but the piano shopping began in July at Long & McQuade. I have played piano since I was 7 or 8, and before I left for university I was a fairly decent player. I could sight read without much difficulty and could play at perhaps a Grade 5 or 6 level.…

  • Complaining about something*

    Haircut Day*

    I normally love haircut day. The Hubster always looks hot with a nice short do. He owns his own clipper set and has been cutting his own hair pretty much since we got married. He’s quite good at it, he usually does the whole thing, then I just fix up the back. We’re a good hair team. Now, he’s been bugging me for some time to try and cut it all by myself. I’ve been trying to avoid it because he’s a little particular about the style of the cut. However, this morning he talked me into it. Eek. Haha… first of all, I was terrified and took almost 45…

  • Things to Know*

    My world and the people in it*

    Before I start writing about my little world, I should probably introduce you to the people who are in it. So. My family: I have wonderful parents [Mom & Dad] who have currently been married for 29 years!! Awesome, eh? And I also have 5 siblings… so here we go! [Doodle] is my eldest brother, currently in his last year of law school. [Peeah] is my eldest sister, who has been teaching for the past 3 years. [Spart] is my next eldest sister who just graduated from university! Then there’s me [Shop Girl*]. I then have two younger brothers, [Choppy/Chop], who is in his first year of college, and [Teep],…

  • My thoughts*

    The Beginning*

    Hi.So… this is my blog. I always hate the first entry of any journal type thing because I always feel like it has to be full of introductions to EVERYTHING. Well, I’ve decided to be lazy and just let you find things out as I continue to write. So this is it for now… but I’ll be back. Shop Girl*