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The Piano Saga*

Two more weeks.

If I hear that one more time I think I might blow up. My piano saga has been dragging on and on and on sine JULY. I just want my piano…

It all started with Long & McQuade. Well, actually it started when I moved away from home and no longer had a piano to play, but the piano shopping began in July at Long & McQuade. I have played piano since I was 7 or 8, and before I left for university I was a fairly decent player. I could sight read without much difficulty and could play at perhaps a Grade 5 or 6 level. I took lessons for a year and a half when I was little, but quit and began teaching myself because I didn’t get along with my piano teacher. ANYWAY. This past July marked almost 2 years that I hadn’t had the regular use of a piano and I have really noticed a decline in my skill. I’m absolutely terrified I’ll lose it, so I finally gave in and went piano shopping. I found a nice little casio (

Traditional_Digital_Pianos/CDP-100/) that was reasonably priced and I tried to purchase it. However, the display model was the only one in stock. I am not really a fan or buying display ANYTHING, especially not a musical instrument, because heaven knows what people do to things.

Anyway. So I asked if they could order one and was told that it could take several weeks. They again tried to push the display model (which no longer even had a box) and I relented and said I would take it at a discounted price. This offer was rejected. So I said I would take it if they even just threw in the bench. At this point, the salesman pretty much told my husband off and made a joke about it. I was SO turned off that we left the store. The customer service was APPALLING.

So. We resolved to try and find a similar keyboard at a local music store here in town. We found a nice little shop with people who actually knew what customer service was and began our search. The owner sold me on a brand new model he had just ordered (

-Eurogrand-EG-2080-Schwarz-Digitalpiano.html) and I fell in love with it. He told me that they were on order from Europe and that I should check back early October.

I had a little over a month to wait. After such a hassle and having already waited so long, I figured it wasn’t such a big deal. Anyway, school started and September flew by and before we knew it we were on the phone checking the status of my long awaited piano. “Some delay in the shipping” was what we heard and we were told to call back in 2 weeks.

So 2 weeks again went by fairly quickly and we were on the phone again. Some other delay had occurred and we needed to call back again in two more weeks, but that it would definitely be there then.

I was thoroughly disappointed but The Hubster wisely counseled me to be patient, so I was. So we called again, having waited THREE weeks, instead of the appointed two. And again we were told, two more weeks. I JUST WANT MY FLIPPING PIANO!!!!! :(

So frustrating. arugh.

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