Things to Know*

My world and the people in it*

Before I start writing about my little world, I should probably introduce you to the people who are in it.

So. My family: I have wonderful parents [Mom & Dad] who have currently been married for 29 years!! Awesome, eh? And I also have 5 siblings… so here we go! [Doodle] is my eldest brother, currently in his last year of law school. [Peeah] is my eldest sister, who has been teaching for the past 3 years. [Spart] is my next eldest sister who just graduated from university! Then there’s me [Shop Girl*]. I then have two younger brothers, [Choppy/Chop], who is in his first year of college, and [Teep], my guitar playing littlest brother, who is the only one left at home.

As well, if you’ve read my profile, you’ll see that I’m married!! [The Hubster] and I have been married for almost 2 years and are going strong!! With him comes in-laws [D & D], his sister [Dog Lover] & her fiancee [Spiritual Voice], and his best friend [Too Cool].

I also have a ton of close friends… but I think you’ll most often hear about [Dee], probably my best friend here at school, and [Tiger], probably my best guy friend since birth. [Material Girl] has been a very close friend to me since elementary school, and is probably the one person I know I can always count on. I pretty much trust her with everything… :) [Telly] is my soulmate, even though I’ve only known her a couple of years, she and I have an amazing friendship bond and I love her to death. And then there is [Gene]… she and I were the very best of friends throughout high school, and drifted as we hit university. But, I haven’t given up on us yet– I still miss her like crazy and I know that eventually we’ll be close again! New to the list is [Twin], who I just met this summer but already love to death. She’s awesome.

I’m sure there will be others throughout my writing, but these will probably pop up most often. So, to recap, this is who these people are (you can refer to this if you ever get lost…):

Mom & Dad – parents
Doodle – oldest brother
Peeah – oldest sister
Spart – middle sister
Shop Girl* – ME
Chop – middle brother
Teep – youngest brother
The Hubster – my husband

These people will also make appearances…
D & D – my inlaws
Dog Lover – my sister in law
Spiritual Voice – Dog Lover’s fiancee
Too Cool – husband’s best friend
The Fireman – Peeah’s boyfriend
Dee – best friend at university
Runner – Dee’s brother
Big Bob – our “handy dandy” landlord
Twin – friend at university
Tiger – best guy friend
Material Girl – closest girl friend
Telly – my soulmate
Gene – high school best friend
Little G – cousin
Chic – Little G’s fiancee
Brave Girl – friend from high school
Hair Girl – my fabulous hairdressing friend
Bo Bandy – my best friend from first year
Vance – fellow blogger & friend from out west
B&J – a fun young couple in our ward
AKV – my first best friend that I’ve lost touch with
Vibes – friend from university
K – friend from university

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