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    Why, hello there! Because I love you all SO much, I decided to make it super easy for you to contact me! You can reach me day / night at iheartmyshoes{at}gmail{dot}com, or at any of the following websites which I use actively! * * *Visit 20 Something Bloggers

  • Exciting News*

    Exciting News*

    I was so tired last night that I almost forgot to tell you my OH so exciting news!!!!!! (No, the hot water is not turned back on yet, although that too would be AMAZING) If you’ve been following my writing, you’ll know about my piano saga and the ordeal I’ve been through waiting for a little piano. WELL, yesterday we had a break through!! The Hubster called the piano store again to find out the status of my piano (I’m on a waiting list) and see if the shipment (that was originally due to arrive the beginning of October) had arrived. Unfortunately, the store still had no idea about when…

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    Four Sleeps*

    I’m tired. I almost didn’t get to write today. Really, if you want to get technical, I didn’t because today is really already tomorrow. But I’m sure that somewhere it is still today, so I’m counting it. Today felt reeeeeeeally long. I woke up early to work on my essay, and managed to get out a few sentences before my brain died. I don’t even think it wants to consider the idea of working on this essay. Who wants to write about Diefenbaker anyway? Not I, says I. And then… I had to go to work. Work is never exciting. At least not anymore… when I got to work in…