Exciting News*

Exciting News*

I was so tired last night that I almost forgot to tell you my OH so exciting news!!!!!! (No, the hot water is not turned back on yet, although that too would be AMAZING) If you’ve been following my writing, you’ll know about my piano saga and the ordeal I’ve been through waiting for a little piano. WELL, yesterday we had a break through!! The Hubster called the piano store again to find out the status of my piano (I’m on a waiting list) and see if the shipment (that was originally due to arrive the beginning of October) had arrived.

Unfortunately, the store still had no idea about when the shipment was due. :(

BUT, they offered us an AMAZING deal. I only have to wait until the 20th, and then I will have a piano no matter what!!!!! Because we’ve been waiting so long, if my piano has not arrived by December 20th, they are going to give me a similar piano, only one that is a step up and worth $300 more for the same price!! WOOOOOO! The replacement piano looks like this, which has the same furniture style as mine, plus some pretty nifty features. So, I’m pretty pumped. Actually, I’m VERY pumped. Like SO pumped I can barely sit still. YAY PIANO!

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