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Four Sleeps*

I’m tired.

I almost didn’t get to write today. Really, if you want to get technical, I didn’t because today is really already tomorrow. But I’m sure that somewhere it is still today, so I’m counting it. Today felt reeeeeeeally long. I woke up early to work on my essay, and managed to get out a few sentences before my brain died. I don’t even think it wants to consider the idea of working on this essay. Who wants to write about Diefenbaker anyway? Not I, says I.

And then… I had to go to work.

Work is never exciting. At least not anymore… when I got to work in [Big D]‘s store work was ALWAYS fun. Don’t get me wrong, I have a wonderful manager here who is very, very good to me… she’s just not fun like Big D was. I’m bored. I’ve worked for the same company for 4 years and I’m so ready for change. Anyway, we’re on Christmas hours right now–which, might I add, I think is the most POINTLESS thing ever. I think we had maybe… 10 people come into my store in the 3 extra hours we stayed open? Holy toot. What a waste. I’m so tired.

Only 4 more sleeps though until I can stop being so stressed. I’m SO looking forward to 5pm on Wednesday… you have NOOOOOOO idea. I’m already practicing my victory dance for that day.
Oh, and I have the most amazing husband in the world. I just thought you should know. :)

Shop Girl*

P.s. My hot water has been turned off again. Isn’t this fun?

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