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I can’t believe it’s already December… as excited as I was to rip open my advent calender, it still hasn’t really hit me that it’s almost Christmas. Maybe that’s because it hasn’t snowed yet… right this minute it is pouring rain outside. It’s really gross. This is the first December 1st that I can remember that there has been no snow. As much as I hate the stuff, it really helps put me into Christmas mode.

My tree is currently under construction… I started putting it up last Thursday night and got as far as the lights and garland, when I realized I didn’t have nearly as much of either as I wanted. So my poor little tree has been sitting unfinished for over a week because I simply have not had the time to go and get what it needs. I’ve made a goal that I HAVE to get it tomorrow, because frankly, seeing an unfinished tree is a little depressing.

I haven’t even started my Christmas shopping/baking… thank goodness I’m finished exams on the 13th so I’ll have lots of time to do everything. Peeah actually just called… we’re trying to figure out a gift for Mom & Dad. It’s not easy, you know. Mom’s the type of person who loves EVERYTHING you buy her, and Dad’s just about the hardest person to shop for. Oy evay.

On a brighter note, I have to leave for work in less than 2 hours and we currently have no hot water. How exciting.

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