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My day wasn’t actually all that hot, I’m just still listening/singing/dancing to my favourite song from the Polar Express. HOT HOT HOT! Today I enjoyed a nice late sleep in and then spent a very lazy morning, and DANG it felt good. I did do quite a bit of cleaning though, and am not yet finished. My closet has been driving me crazy, especially now that I’ve moved my desk into the bedroom and have to look at it every time I’m in here. So, I took the whole thing apart, cleaned it, and redid it. It looks much better. And I was even ruthless and chose 6 pairs of shoes to give away as well as a bag of clothing I haven’t worn in some time.

I’m a part of this really neat organization called Freecycle. It’s based through Yahoo! and there are groups for every city/region. You can post things that you have to give away, then people respond and come to pick it up right from your door. You can also post for things you need, for example, my mother needed a temporary dryer and received one through the site! Pretty neat, eh? I’ve seen everything from furniture, to clothes, to appliances, to pianos go through the site. The whole purpose is to keep things out of the landfill. One man’s junk is another man’s treasure, right?

So anyway, I made a big bag of things to give away and was rather proud of my ruthlessness. My closet/dressed looks much much better. I did the same thing in the kitchen– I reorganized my cupboards so everything is accessible and nice and neat. I am a happy girl. I sound so domestic. Oh my. haha

Anyway, I still need to tackle the bathroom before my cleaning rampage is over. What an exciting Friday night!!!

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