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Gingerbread and Square Thingys*

I am so full I think I might roll over and pass out. I spent the entire day baking with Dee and [Drums] and it was SO fun. We made gingerbread (I had never made it before previously) and it actually turned out! It turned out so well that I ate at least 10 cookies before deciding I should stop. haha

Dee also brought this recipe for these toffee square things with a chocolate top. I’ve only tasted a tiny corner because they have to chill forever but she’s coming back over to continue decorating our fun cookies and to gorge ourselves on cookies. haha I also have the best cookie cutters in the world… how cool are those dinosaur cookies? They turned out AMAZING. I was almost sad to eat them. Almost.

Dee & I also made a nice big dinner for everyone. Dee made some awesome pasta and salad, and I crafted some delicious brushetta and green Kool-aid. haha So Dee, Drums, the Hubster and I had a real sit down dinner and it was so nice! Good food, good company–what else do you need? The Hubster even snuck in the kitchen and did up most of the dishes because we cooked. What a guy. :)

All in all, it was a great day.

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