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Polar Express*

I am in love with this movie.

The Hubster and I just had a date night and watched it together, and it’s SO good. Mind you, I’m very biased toward Tom Hanks, he is positively my favourite actor. But in general I love cute little movies like that– especially Christmas ones. My siblings and I used to wait ALL year for the Christmas specials to come on TV, then we would highlight them in the TV guide, and make sure that there was NOTHING in the way of our watching them. I recall skipping Brownies a few times so that I could stay home to watch! haha

It’s so different now that you can buy them and watch them at your leisure… waiting for them to come on at Christmas time was really half the fun. My whole family would crowd in the living room with home made popcorn and watch them together. I think Rudolph was my absolute favourite, with Frosty and the Charlie Brown Christmas special tied at a close second.

Can you even believe that Christmas Eve is in TEN days? I know I can’t. Where has the time gone? I fully intended to write my Christmas cards today, but the Hubster and I accidentally had a 3 hour nap instead… which explains why I am very un-tired right now. haha I did get some CDs made for the girls at work though, which was definitely on my to-do list, so I do feel as though I’ve accomplished something today. Not much, but something.

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