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The End of the Dock*

Okay, so I lied. I actually found my old poem book and there are two poems that I wrote that I actually think are half decent. Most of them are about the love of my life in grade nine… oh DB. What a dreamboat. haha

Anyway, I wrote this in 2003, my last summer as a camp counselor. I used to love the evenings when the kids were all entertained and I could steal a few minutes to go be by myself at the end of the dock and watch the sun set in perfect silence. This is what this poem is about.

The End of the Dock*

The evening felt cool and calm as I stood atop the stairs,
And again I didn’t know what it was that held me there.
It seemed as though nothing moved and the entire earth was still.

The sky was bathed in colours grand–in pink, orange and blue,
It was indeed a heav’nly sight that no hell could undo.
I felt as though I could stay forever and never get my fill.

A gentle breeze nudged me to begin my slow descent,
So I slowly walked toward the scene the highest heavens sent.
The sun softly disappeared as the day dipped into night.

Step by step I continued on, as constant as a clock,
Until I came to a rest at the end of the dock.
I gazed at what I saw in the fading evening light.

Clear blue water rippled and danced there beneath my feet,
And a million stars reflected there to make the scene complete.
The wind caressed my cheek and rustled through the trees.

The soft light of the moon shone down from the sky,
And somewhere in the distance I heard a lone loon cry.
A feeling of peace o’erwhelmed me and I fell to my knees.

I knew then that I’d been touched by an angel’s kiss,
And I felt blessed to be a witness to a night such as this. (2003)

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