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    To the Man I Love*

    Four years ago today I put on a big white dress (and cute white sandals) and married my Hubster. There were no doubts, no second thoughts–just more love than I ever thought possible. In that moment I had no idea how our life would turn out, I only knew that I could no longer imagine life without him. Someone once told me to treasure every day because they will fly by, but I had no just how quickly the years can pass. I honestly can’t believe that it’s already been four years–that’s like officially out of “newlywed” territory! We’re oldie-weds now! We’re off to enjoy a nice dinner together and…

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    I just spent the last several hours getting our Christmas letters ready to mail.. and I am SO excited to send them! My back is killing me and my hand is sore from writing addresses, but I love the letter we’ve written and I enjoy this year’s picture oh, so much more than last year’s. I’m not going to post it on here until after this weekend, when I’m hoping most people will have received it. I’m so glad that we started this tradition last year, and hope you’ll love this year’s letter just as much!! Shop Girl*

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    The Moment*

    This week has been INSANE. I’m exhausted and am not feeling terribly creative at the moment, so I decided I’d share something with you from a moment when I was. This was an assignment I handed in a couple of weeks ago and just got back yesterday with a glorious 87% mark. It was for a Sociocultural Perspectives course, and the assignment was to a) reflect on and write about an important “moment” in your lifeb) connect this moment to your understanding of learning and/or development, andc) consider the effects of social structures on my experience The format could be anything–essay, poetry, rap, video, presentation, collage–you name it, you could…

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    Security Update*

    About a week ago I revealed my inner insecurities about privacy and my little blog. I posted a poll and 26 wonderful people responded. (If you haven’t yet voted, I’d really appreciate it if you did!) I’m not entirely sure what to do at this point. Of the 26 people that voted, 7 voted that they would not be comfortable sending me an email address for me to invite them to continue reading if I closed it to the general public. While that number makes up the minority, it’s significant enough for me to pause for a minute. I don’t want to turn any of you away… I love that…

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    Before the Bloom*

    I used to write… a lot. As a child / teenager I wrote something every day… be it a journal entry or short story, but most often I expressed myself through poetry. When I moved for the first time I stopped writing completely. I was (initially) so devastated about moving to Btown that I gave up what I loved most–my writing. University and the constant demand for academic essays removed any remaining desire to write… until I started writing here. I’ve even started writing poetry again… but before I’m brave enough to share anything new with you, I wanted to post the last poem I wrote as a teenager. I…