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Still No Snow*

Well, it is December 23rd, and it has yet to snow. I was so hoping that because my parents live in the snow belt that it would snow for Christmas… but the weather reports are showing no snow until maybe Boxing Day at the very earliest. I may have my first ever green Christmas.

I apologize for not writing yesterday… it’s the first day I haven’t written since beginning my blog. I simply did not have time, and was too exhausted to write before I went to bed. It’s been go go go since arriving here, and I absolutely love it. Yesterday was filled with shopping, errands and baking with Choppy and my mom. It was awesome… everyone was out last night so my mom and I had almost 3 hours to hang out together just the two of us. In a family of 6 kids it’s difficult to find one-on-one time with my parents, especially now that the Hubster and I live so far away. So it was really nice… we baked, listened to music and talked. She introduced me to a fabulous new artist, Matt Dusk. He sounds sort of like Michael Buble, with a jazzy twist. In any case, he’s fantastic. I was shocked that she had heard of him before me– I’m so impressed that my mother is up on the music scene. GO MOM! WOO!

My Hubster finally made it to town today– it was soooo good to see him. After a huge hug, we went out to this massive antique mall here in town that we had heard about to look for a Christmas gift for my mother in law. Her whole house in done up in antiques, and although it’s not my personal style, the way she has it all set up it very cool. She collects mostly pieces that are pre-1900–my favourite piece is a desk that looks like it’s right out of Anne of Green Gables, which is one of my all-time favourite stories. She even has the chalk slate that Anne breaks over Gilbert’s head. *sigh*. SO good.

We found what we needed, then went out shopping with Peeah and Choppy. I think that I may be the only person in the world that loves when the malls are psycho busy like they are at this time of year. I love seeing all the people out and about… people are (for the most part) in a cheery mood, Christmas music is blasting… does it get any better? I think not.

My whole family, excluding Peeah’s boyfriend [the fireman], who will be joining us tomorrow night. My parents little house is now packed full of everyone. Thank goodness Spart has her own apartment down the road so that she and [Tulip] (her old roommate who is up visiting as well) have somewhere to sleep. Mom & Dad are in their room, Peeah & her MASSIVE Bull Mastif dog Jessica are in Teep’s room with him, The Hubster and I have a room, Choppy’s on the floor in the living room, and Doodle’s down the the basement. Ladies and gentlemen– it’s a full house. haha it’s so funny though… I love when we are all together. So many laughs and good times. I love my family with my whole heart.

Well, I am off to bed. Teep’s speaking in church tomorrow so I want to be wide awake to make faces at him from the back row. Hahaha… I’m only kidding. Sort of. ;)

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