My Poetry*


I used to write a lot. Throughout high school writing was my creative outlet– my way of venting/expressing my emotions and feelings. I don’t know how or why, but I stopped writing and I really miss it. I haven’t really written much in the past 4 years, and many of what I have saved are just very.. high schoolish. There is only one poem I’ve ever written that I am VERY proud of, and once I find the book I put it in, I’ll post it.

Anyway, the point is, I’d like to get back into it, and where better to start than a journal. This is one I wrote this past summer one morning when I was awake to see the sun come up. I had a few hours to myself before The Hubster woke up, so this is what I came up with:

I wake to the sound of a gentle hum
The world stirs–a new day has begun.
The sun streams in to welcome a new morn,
Another day gone and another one born.
Life begins moving beyond my door,
And yet, I am still. I wait for more.
I can’t say I’ve ever really believed in destiny or fate,
And yet, here I am.
I sit.

I wait.

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