• Holy Toot*

    We’ve just started planning our family Florida trip for 2008 and this year my dad has taken on figuring out all the logistics–who is sleeping where, travel plans, etc etc. He sent us out a long email today outlining the details with some very specific instructions, mostly tailored toward my often less than eloquent little brothers:

    “You need to prepare to be self-sufficient so your mother worries about absolutely nothing while on her vacation. You also need to keep the accommodations up to her standard so she will not worry at all.

    Ø No flop house standards.
    Dishes washed
    Clothes away.
    Bedding stowed away when not in use.
    Bathroom spotless when done.
    Personal areas tidy.
    No griping, whining or complaining. None at all
    No fighting or screaming.
    No farting or other rude comments in any company
    Coming to me with every problem to be solved. She is on vacation.”

    For those of you who don’t know Choppy and Teep, the bullet highlighted in bold–though crude–is absolutely necessary. They can be REALLY gross. haha

    Anyway, Dad sent this email out to all of us, and Choppy replied:

    (better get it out now)

    yep, all sounds great”

    I love my family. :)

    Shop Girl*

  • Perez Hilton*

    I have a love/hate relationship with Perez. Here is why:

    I love Perez because he introduces me to new music. In the year that I have been reading his site, I’ve discovered Rhianna, MIKA, Adele, the Jonas Brothers, Paul Potts, Leona Lewis, and SO many more. I don’t know what I’d do without him.

    …at the same time his site is REALLY addicting. He posts so often which means I check it so often which means that I never get any work done because I have no self control. *sigh*

    I love Perez because though his site is primarily used to blog about celebrities, he also includes entries about things going on in the world before issues hit the major newspapers.

    …yet, though he DOES include other posts, the bulk of it IS celebrity trash that I really don’t need to fill my head with.

    I love Perez because his posts are often REALLY funny…

    …though also sometimes really inappropriate.

    I love Perez because I’m able to stay so current with celebrity gossip.

    …however I also realize that that has absolutely NO benefit to me whatsoever in the grand scheme of things and turns out to be a giant waste of time and brain space.

    I love Perez for his vast procrastination value.

    …and I hate him because he makes me procrastinate. Like right now.

    So you see, it’s a battle. I try not to check his site 10 times a day, but sometimes I can’t help it. *sigh* Oh Perez.

    Shop Girl*

  • My Family*

    I have a funny family. If you know us, you’d probably agree. We’re a little loud and crazy, but we always have a good time. I started thinking today about how my little brothers have become increasingly tolerable and funny as they get older and that progressed to my analyzing the ways in which my family members are funny (I have a lot of time to think on the bus). I will share:

    Choppy, TEEP and Doodle

    Teep. In recent years (or months) Teep has become aware that there are other human beings in the world and is becoming more human himself. He communicates less with grunts and is beginning to form sentences (he’s 17). He and Choppy take on my dad in a battle of the wits on a regular basis and it’s usually a riot. My Dad’s pretty quick, but the boys have caught him from time to time. Anyway. Teep is funny in a physical or behavioral sense. He often DOES things that are funny (see above picture… he’s wearing my Grammy’s hair hat). He’s also INCREDIBLY stubborn so how he handles situations are often hilarious as well.


    To contrast, Choppy could be a stand up comedian. His mannerisms, intonation and speech are pretty much ALL hilarious. For example, on one of Gene’s visits to my parent’s house Choppy came running in yelling “I like bacon, I like pork! So RUN piggy piggy ’cause I’VE GOT A FORK!” and tripped over a couch. He’s so… random. You never really know what is going to come out of his mouth… ever. He and Teep also team up against my Mom and somehow get her to do the CRAZIEST things. Their latest escapade included making my mom do some crazy wild-woman-bird-call “K-K-K-KAAAAAAW!!” at the top of her lungs. Anyone who knows my mother knows this is a little out of her character. haha

    Spart again is funny in a completely different way. To begin, her laugh is probably the most contagious laugh you will ever hear. When she starts laughing it’s impossible not to start. I usually end up laughing so hard that I can no longer breathe. She’s also GREAT at imitating the other members of my family. My absolute favourite is when she eggs on and imitates Teep. She completely exaggerates it and he gets SO mad. We also have our own language that no one else really understands. For example, we scream “AHHH” at the top of our lungs whenever we see each other or talk on the phone, and say “La la!!” when we are leaving. (that’s a whole other story… one of my brighter moments… haha)

    Peeah (and Doodle)

    Peeah is funny because she often says and does the things the rest of us are too timid to do. Like Teep she can be wildly stubborn and when she decides to do something, she’ll move mountains to do it. She’s also famous for getting other people to do things for her. She’ll bug, and bug, and bug until it’s really too funny and you give in even though you’ve sworn not to. For example, she loves to make Teep tell her that he loves her before she drives him anywhere. He often refuses and she begins to drive away until he has to run beside the car and scream I LOVE YOU into the car window before she’ll stop and let him in [see picture below]. It doesn’t always work in her favour though… in Florida this year she tried this on Spart and I because she didn’t want go make her own sundae at Ponderosa. So Spart and I made her a lovely one after much bugging [see picture below]. :)

    Teep, not having told Peeah that he loves her yet. haha
    Peeah’s Sundae


    Doodle is just… funny. His character is funny. He often does things that leave the rest of us shaking out heads– for example, he took law text books on a CAMPING trip, or that he takes 3 hours to complete each meal. He’s also GREAT for egging on my little brothers and sometimes I think that he forgets that he’s 29 and will be a full fledged lawyer in 3 months when he wrestles or fights with them. It’s pretty hilarious.


    Mom has become increasingly funny as we’ve gotten older. I’m not sure if she’s just loosening up now that we can take care of ourselves or if I just never noticed it until now, but in any case, Mom is a ‘cute’ funny. We love doing things to her or for her to watch her reactions. When shopping for gifts for her, we tend to unintentionally classify them by the reaction we’ll get out of her (ie: crying gift, scream out loud gift, laughing gift, etc). By crying gifts I mean buying her something or doing something that moves her to tears. My favourite crying moments was when Fireman gave her a sweater last Christmas that his mom had knit for her. She put it on and cried because she always knits things for other people. It was hilariously adorable. :) It’s also fun because now ‘the boys’ (Choppy and Teep) can somehow make her do the CRAZIEST things. The can make her dance, yell weird things, wear hats with inappropriate messages for mommy, etc etc… it’s bizarre. She shocks me with the things she does sometimes and I die laughing.


    He’s difficult to classify… but let’s call him weird funny. haha! Dad has ALWAYS been a joker, he almost always has a smile on his face and a quip waiting to come out. He too has begun sparing with the boys, they make names up for him and he fires right back. Sometimes his one-liners or jokes are a little, well, dad-ish (he’s a Muskoka boy) but he’s pretty freaking hilarious.

    So, that’s my family. We’re pretty fun, and after writing this I am missing them a lot. As we don’t own a vehicle yet it’s difficult to get home on a regular basis and right now I don’t know if I’ll make it home before April… which is just so far away. :( *sigh*

    Shop Girl*

  • This and That*

    I don’t have anything specific to write about tonight, I just realized that I hadn’t written in a week and decided it was time. So this will probably be a melange of my thoughts and things I’ve discovered recently.

    I’ve discovered a new artist that I absolutely LOVE. You need Adele. I can’t stop listening to her… her music, her voice, all of it– it’s amazing. Listen to “Chasing Pavements” and be converted.

    I’ve also been consumed by a series of books that I cannot put down. I love Gerald Lund, author of the Work and the Glory Series (which I have read twice), and was pleasantly surprised when I began reading his second series, The Kingdom and the Crown. There are 3 books in the series, and I have read the first 2 and half of the 3rd in 3 weeks. haha! It’s horrible for my academic life, but has done wonders for me. I cannot WAIT to be able to read what I want and not feel bad about it. THREE months people. THREE.

    I’m also in the middle of planning FC’s literacy conference for 2008. After seeing how it ran last year, it’s much, much easier this year. We’re even having somewhat of a mini-celebrity come to speak… Lois Burdett, author of the Shakespeare Can Be Fun series for kids is coming. So I think that’s pretty cool. So if you’re around my area on Feb. 2nd, you should come. It’s usually a pretty good day.

    As for my life in general, I haven’t started working for the board yet. I was supposed to start last week, but the principal of my school (I’m at the same place I was last year) is an insanely busy woman and we’re still trying to figure out logistics. I’m pretty excited to get started as things are running a little differently this year. While last year I was independently teaching a group of 5-6 students, this year I’ll actually be IN the classroom with a teacher and will be working along with them. It’s great because it will give me even more experience pre-teacher’s college and I’ll get to know the feel of being in a classroom setting. It’s basically paid student teaching. And it’s basically awesome. haha

    Last night I went out to celebrate Dee’s birthday. She had a bunch of people at her house and I decided to go for a little while before everyone went out to the bar. It was fun, but at the same time it really made me realize how much I’ve changed since my first year of university. I almost wish I had started blogging then so I could actually go back and look myself, but I actually felt kind of awkward at a party. It had been so long since I had gone to anything like that that I got really shy until another good friend of mine came and I basically hugged a wall and chatted with him and one other person until I went home. When I was living on my own 3 years ago I LIVED for that stuff. I was out every weekend and used to talk to anyone and everyone. Last night I was shy… I didn’t know very many people. It was weird. Anyway, I’ve decided that I’ve definitely shifted from a party girl to a movie + popcorn night kind of girl. Unless I’m in Timmins with Material Girl* and Aammmmmmiieee. Then I’ll go out. But only because I love her and I promised that one day I’ll dance in the cages. hahahha

    Anyway, I’ve been away from my book for almost and hour now and I’m going through withdrawal symptoms. haha! Oh, one more thing… for all my LDS friends, what are your thoughts about clipping your fingernails during sacrament meeting? Yep, she did it again. And it was nastier than ever. At least 20 people turned around to look at her and she made no notice of it. What do I do? I don’t want to vomit in the chapel but it’s coming close to that. haha

    Shop Girl*

  • Wipeout*

    Last night the Hubs and I went to Price Chopper quickly to grab something for dinner on our way home from school. We had about 10 minutes before the bus came, so we were walking quickly to the store in order to have enough time to buy something and leave. Our Price Chopper has 2 drive in entrances, though one is classified as an “entrance” and the other as an “exit”. For pedestrians, the “exit” entrance is probably a better choice– it is less busy and it’s on level ground. However, it’s a further walk and is usually covered by groups of some of our city’s ‘finer’ youth who kind of creep me out. They stand there, smoke and talk loudly, and it makes me a little nervous, so I usually go in the “entrance” entrance, which happens to be busier with cars and is on a incline.

    Last night as we were hurrying to the store, I started walking up the “entrance” entrance out of habit and the Hubs came with me, though he usually takes the way with fewer cars. As we were walking up the hill a car was waiting to come in and the Hubs caught me off guard by moving and making a comment to do the same. [note: as I don’t have a car, I’m a firm believer of ‘the pedestrian has the right of way’ mindset and rarely rush for vehicles. I figure that they can wait the extra 15 seconds for me to get where I’m going as they have the luxury of owning a vehicle and I do not. The Hubs does not share my conviction to this belief.] It was quite dark out, and as I half-jumped to get out of the way I stepped onto a patch of ice and completely wiped out.

    Luckily the car had passed and I didn’t really slide anywhere, and I was also able to half catch myself as I went down to prevent breaking anything. I was pretty embarrassed, so I jumped up and quickly brushed it off and went into the store. The Hubs checked 18 times to make sure that I was ok and at the time I thought I was, but my arm is ACHING today. There is no bruising, but I feel like a total gimp. I can hardly even get my coat on. haha! I hope I didn’t tear anything, but the muscles are SO sore. I don’t even want to move it. :(

    So, so far this month my body hates me. It’s only the 12th and I’ve already had a mutant eye and now a gimpy arm. haha… I wonder what’s next…

    Shop Girl*

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