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    Okay. So, I changed the look again. But I think I’m going to leave it like this for a while because I LOVE IT! What do you think?? I got a sense that people weren’t feeling the ocean look… but this one is way cute. Thoughts?? Shop Girl*

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    Ugggggggggh… this week has sucked SO bad. On Monday I handed in a 15 page research paper about Nazi medical research. On Tuesday I had a presentation. On Wednesday I had homework and a French composition due. And today I had a big research presentation in one of my 4th year classes. Couple all of that with other readings, housework, putting in hours at both of my jobs (my grade 2s were OUT OF CONTROL today… not to mention they all have the flu and I think have made me sick) and you have one very, very, very tired Shop Girl. I’m so tired I might die. *sigh* At least…

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    I found this morning and found it rather interesting and thought I’d share! It’s written by Doug Robinson and was published in the Deseret Morning News on Janurary 8th. Better Duck–If You’re A MormonI missed the memo that said it’s A-OK to make disparaging and often erroneous statements about Mormons. Apparently, they are fair game. Sure, these are hypersensitive times, when name-calling or perceived bias against any group will get you the Don Imus treatment, but you get a free shot with Mormons. You can say what you want about them with impunity. If you denigrate a racial group, you’re racist. If you denigrate women, you’re sexist. If you denigrate…

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    So I “stumbled upon” this wicked new site called…. Stumble Upon! (I know, I’m SO witty… haha) Anyway, it’s pretty awesome. Once you sign up (it’s free) they give you a list of interests and you simple check off the ones that interest you! Once you’ve done that, it gives you this wicked little toolbar and generates a groups of websites based off your interests that you might find, well, interesting! It’s kind of like the “next blog” or “random blog” button through blogger, only it applies to the entire internet! I’m kind of in love with it. For example, I love finding new recipes to try. I selected “food”…