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I Heart My Ghetto*

Ugggggggggh… this week has sucked SO bad. On Monday I handed in a 15 page research paper about Nazi medical research. On Tuesday I had a presentation. On Wednesday I had homework and a French composition due. And today I had a big research presentation in one of my 4th year classes. Couple all of that with other readings, housework, putting in hours at both of my jobs (my grade 2s were OUT OF CONTROL today… not to mention they all have the flu and I think have made me sick) and you have one very, very, very tired Shop Girl. I’m so tired I might die. *sigh*

At least it’s almost over. I have a big test and another presentation on Monday, and then after that I’m home free until the 19th of March. Four-ish more weeks until I can (hopefully) say that I am no longer an undergraduate student. I just have to make it that long. haha

Anyway, life hasn’t been completely bad. Last Wednesday I decided to take off for a day and go visit my friends from first year in the my lovely little ghetto. It was fabulous.Meet Star* and Bo Bandy, two of my favourite people in the entire world. These are two of my very best friends from first year (which I did at a different university) that I miss greatly. I took the bus to the city, then the three of us went out for a lonnng lunch, and after went back to Star’s house and actually just talked until almost 7pm. (I also finally got to meet Star’s boyfriend whom I’ve been hearing about for over a year… haha! Just for the record, I whole-heartedly approve!) It was wonderful… I’ve made a couple of close friends here in town, but Bo Bandy and I were instant friends at the start of first year, and Star and I became closer as the year progressed. They are the type of people that you talk with and laugh with for hours… some of my best stories ever are with Bo Bandy! I really should tell the concussion story… Bo Bandy is partially responsible for the Hubster and I getting to know one another! If he hadn’t bumped his head… who knows? :)

Anyway, it was a wonderful day. It FLEW by. I’ve decided I’m going to go for a sleepover before the end of the year so that I can see everyone before they graduate. I miss my people. :( The three of us did a bit of a photo shoot before we left… enjoy!

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