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We’ve just started planning our family Florida trip for 2008 and this year my dad has taken on figuring out all the logistics–who is sleeping where, travel plans, etc etc. He sent us out a long email today outlining the details with some very specific instructions, mostly tailored toward my often less than eloquent little brothers:

“You need to prepare to be self-sufficient so your mother worries about absolutely nothing while on her vacation. You also need to keep the accommodations up to her standard so she will not worry at all.

Ø No flop house standards.
Dishes washed
Clothes away.
Bedding stowed away when not in use.
Bathroom spotless when done.
Personal areas tidy.
No griping, whining or complaining. None at all
No fighting or screaming.
No farting or other rude comments in any company
Coming to me with every problem to be solved. She is on vacation.”

For those of you who don’t know Choppy and Teep, the bullet highlighted in bold–though crude–is absolutely necessary. They can be REALLY gross. haha

Anyway, Dad sent this email out to all of us, and Choppy replied:

(better get it out now)

yep, all sounds great”

I love my family. :)

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