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Last night the Hubs and I went to Price Chopper quickly to grab something for dinner on our way home from school. We had about 10 minutes before the bus came, so we were walking quickly to the store in order to have enough time to buy something and leave. Our Price Chopper has 2 drive in entrances, though one is classified as an “entrance” and the other as an “exit”. For pedestrians, the “exit” entrance is probably a better choice– it is less busy and it’s on level ground. However, it’s a further walk and is usually covered by groups of some of our city’s ‘finer’ youth who kind of creep me out. They stand there, smoke and talk loudly, and it makes me a little nervous, so I usually go in the “entrance” entrance, which happens to be busier with cars and is on a incline.

Last night as we were hurrying to the store, I started walking up the “entrance” entrance out of habit and the Hubs came with me, though he usually takes the way with fewer cars. As we were walking up the hill a car was waiting to come in and the Hubs caught me off guard by moving and making a comment to do the same. [note: as I don’t have a car, I’m a firm believer of ‘the pedestrian has the right of way’ mindset and rarely rush for vehicles. I figure that they can wait the extra 15 seconds for me to get where I’m going as they have the luxury of owning a vehicle and I do not. The Hubs does not share my conviction to this belief.] It was quite dark out, and as I half-jumped to get out of the way I stepped onto a patch of ice and completely wiped out.

Luckily the car had passed and I didn’t really slide anywhere, and I was also able to half catch myself as I went down to prevent breaking anything. I was pretty embarrassed, so I jumped up and quickly brushed it off and went into the store. The Hubs checked 18 times to make sure that I was ok and at the time I thought I was, but my arm is ACHING today. There is no bruising, but I feel like a total gimp. I can hardly even get my coat on. haha! I hope I didn’t tear anything, but the muscles are SO sore. I don’t even want to move it. :(

So, so far this month my body hates me. It’s only the 12th and I’ve already had a mutant eye and now a gimpy arm. haha… I wonder what’s next…

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