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I have a funny family. If you know us, you’d probably agree. We’re a little loud and crazy, but we always have a good time. I started thinking today about how my little brothers have become increasingly tolerable and funny as they get older and that progressed to my analyzing the ways in which my family members are funny (I have a lot of time to think on the bus). I will share:

Choppy, TEEP and Doodle

Teep. In recent years (or months) Teep has become aware that there are other human beings in the world and is becoming more human himself. He communicates less with grunts and is beginning to form sentences (he’s 17). He and Choppy take on my dad in a battle of the wits on a regular basis and it’s usually a riot. My Dad’s pretty quick, but the boys have caught him from time to time. Anyway. Teep is funny in a physical or behavioral sense. He often DOES things that are funny (see above picture… he’s wearing my Grammy’s hair hat). He’s also INCREDIBLY stubborn so how he handles situations are often hilarious as well.


To contrast, Choppy could be a stand up comedian. His mannerisms, intonation and speech are pretty much ALL hilarious. For example, on one of Gene’s visits to my parent’s house Choppy came running in yelling “I like bacon, I like pork! So RUN piggy piggy ’cause I’VE GOT A FORK!” and tripped over a couch. He’s so… random. You never really know what is going to come out of his mouth… ever. He and Teep also team up against my Mom and somehow get her to do the CRAZIEST things. Their latest escapade included making my mom do some crazy wild-woman-bird-call “K-K-K-KAAAAAAW!!” at the top of her lungs. Anyone who knows my mother knows this is a little out of her character. haha

Spart again is funny in a completely different way. To begin, her laugh is probably the most contagious laugh you will ever hear. When she starts laughing it’s impossible not to start. I usually end up laughing so hard that I can no longer breathe. She’s also GREAT at imitating the other members of my family. My absolute favourite is when she eggs on and imitates Teep. She completely exaggerates it and he gets SO mad. We also have our own language that no one else really understands. For example, we scream “AHHH” at the top of our lungs whenever we see each other or talk on the phone, and say “La la!!” when we are leaving. (that’s a whole other story… one of my brighter moments… haha)

Peeah (and Doodle)

Peeah is funny because she often says and does the things the rest of us are too timid to do. Like Teep she can be wildly stubborn and when she decides to do something, she’ll move mountains to do it. She’s also famous for getting other people to do things for her. She’ll bug, and bug, and bug until it’s really too funny and you give in even though you’ve sworn not to. For example, she loves to make Teep tell her that he loves her before she drives him anywhere. He often refuses and she begins to drive away until he has to run beside the car and scream I LOVE YOU into the car window before she’ll stop and let him in [see picture below]. It doesn’t always work in her favour though… in Florida this year she tried this on Spart and I because she didn’t want go make her own sundae at Ponderosa. So Spart and I made her a lovely one after much bugging [see picture below]. :)

Teep, not having told Peeah that he loves her yet. haha
Peeah’s Sundae


Doodle is just… funny. His character is funny. He often does things that leave the rest of us shaking out heads– for example, he took law text books on a CAMPING trip, or that he takes 3 hours to complete each meal. He’s also GREAT for egging on my little brothers and sometimes I think that he forgets that he’s 29 and will be a full fledged lawyer in 3 months when he wrestles or fights with them. It’s pretty hilarious.


Mom has become increasingly funny as we’ve gotten older. I’m not sure if she’s just loosening up now that we can take care of ourselves or if I just never noticed it until now, but in any case, Mom is a ‘cute’ funny. We love doing things to her or for her to watch her reactions. When shopping for gifts for her, we tend to unintentionally classify them by the reaction we’ll get out of her (ie: crying gift, scream out loud gift, laughing gift, etc). By crying gifts I mean buying her something or doing something that moves her to tears. My favourite crying moments was when Fireman gave her a sweater last Christmas that his mom had knit for her. She put it on and cried because she always knits things for other people. It was hilariously adorable. :) It’s also fun because now ‘the boys’ (Choppy and Teep) can somehow make her do the CRAZIEST things. The can make her dance, yell weird things, wear hats with inappropriate messages for mommy, etc etc… it’s bizarre. She shocks me with the things she does sometimes and I die laughing.


He’s difficult to classify… but let’s call him weird funny. haha! Dad has ALWAYS been a joker, he almost always has a smile on his face and a quip waiting to come out. He too has begun sparing with the boys, they make names up for him and he fires right back. Sometimes his one-liners or jokes are a little, well, dad-ish (he’s a Muskoka boy) but he’s pretty freaking hilarious.

So, that’s my family. We’re pretty fun, and after writing this I am missing them a lot. As we don’t own a vehicle yet it’s difficult to get home on a regular basis and right now I don’t know if I’ll make it home before April… which is just so far away. :( *sigh*

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