Love/Hate Relationships*

Perez Hilton*

I have a love/hate relationship with Perez. Here is why:

I love Perez because he introduces me to new music. In the year that I have been reading his site, I’ve discovered Rhianna, MIKA, Adele, the Jonas Brothers, Paul Potts, Leona Lewis, and SO many more. I don’t know what I’d do without him.

…at the same time his site is REALLY addicting. He posts so often which means I check it so often which means that I never get any work done because I have no self control. *sigh*

I love Perez because though his site is primarily used to blog about celebrities, he also includes entries about things going on in the world before issues hit the major newspapers.

…yet, though he DOES include other posts, the bulk of it IS celebrity trash that I really don’t need to fill my head with.

I love Perez because his posts are often REALLY funny…

…though also sometimes really inappropriate.

I love Perez because I’m able to stay so current with celebrity gossip.

…however I also realize that that has absolutely NO benefit to me whatsoever in the grand scheme of things and turns out to be a giant waste of time and brain space.

I love Perez for his vast procrastination value.

…and I hate him because he makes me procrastinate. Like right now.

So you see, it’s a battle. I try not to check his site 10 times a day, but sometimes I can’t help it. *sigh* Oh Perez.

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