• Spontaneous Dancing*

    Today was a disaster.

    Not so much so that I’d call it an utter complete failure of a day, but enough so to make me question my abilities of classroom management (aka: making sure the kids don’t kill each other… or me).

    Right now I just want to put it all behind me and I’ll reflect on it more tomorrow when there is a bit of distance between myself and today.

    For now, I want to share something with you that makes me deliriously happy. A T-Mobile commercial recently came to my attention that I have fallen MADLY in love with. I like to believe that this was not planned and that people just love to dance in random places in big groups. I LOVE spontaneous dancing. Love it. Watch:

    I would DIE to be able to experience something like this… don’t you think it would be an amazing thing to see / participate in? I think it’s absolutely magical… and while I realize there is a “Making the T-Mobile Dance” video right beside this one, I choose not to watch because it might take the magic out of spontaneous dancing. And that would be sad, no?

    Anyway, enjoy! I’m off to bed to sleep of this horrid day and prepare for a better one tomorrow. :)

    Shop Girl*

  • Google Me*

    A little while ago I read a post by one of my favourite bloggers (Tia) that had to do with Google Analytics. Google Analytics is one of the nifty little site trackers I use to monitor my website’s statistics (blah, blah, blah). Anyway. One of the things this site tracks are the keywords people use to find your site through search engines.

    So, I got to thinking–how do people find me? Having never really examined the list before her post, I scanned my Google keywords and discovered these little gems:

    “25 things about me love to doodle”
    I think it would be a wee bit more correct if that read “25 things about me hate to doodle”. Sooo not a doodler. (is that a word?!) Umm… well, I definitely just wrote the 25 things post, and my oldest brother’s nickname is Doodle, so I guess that one sort of fits?

    “Blog + to spank or not”
    Okay–first things first. This is not that type of blog. If that’s what they were looking for… uhm, sorry friend. haha! I can only guess it was connected to THIS entry last month.

    “The Death March”
    YAAAY! So happy that this connects to meeeee. (Perplexed?) Last year I told one of my all-time favourite family stories involving my oldest sister Peeah (who turns 29 today! WOO WOO!) It’s one of my favourite posts on my blog. You can read it HERE.

    “25 random things about me cheesy love songs”
    Wellll… the Hubster says I am the Queen of Cheesy, and apparently Google knows this as well. Cheesy love, I heart you. (songs included)

    Facebook pregnancy status
    I had to google this one… and there are actually several websites devoted to “cute ways to announce your pregnancy on Facebook”. Who knew? I always thought the, “HEY! I’M PREGNANT!” one always worked well, but the best one I read was “BlahBlah: has a pea in her pod.” WINNER! (And no, there is no pea in my pod.)

    “Free video my friend hot mom”
    …uhm… I was not exactly sure how this connected to my wholesome, lovely blog, so I did what amy good person would do: I googled. Oh, sweet mother. After sifting through pages of links to porn (including one site that apparently “reviews Hoes”, in case you had questions) I was unable to find how it connected to my blog. (*inward sigh of relief*) I still promise that this is not that type of blog. I think.

    “He’s married and didn’t let me know”
    This one made me sad… and perplexed. The Hubster definitely lets me know he’s married all the time. Being his wife, I like this. haha! Despite this, I had almost forgotten that until this fall the Hubster knew he was married, but sometimes didn’t believe it.

    “Is it okay to fall asleep in a stranded car?”
    …no. (Seriously?!??!?!)

    “What is meant by I want to slam you”
    Dear person,
    Love, Me.
    (Apparently there is more than one pick-up line offender out there…eeek.)

    And last, (but not least… there were over 100 different keywords since I reentered the world of Google at Christmas), my favourite:

    “Woman big bum”
    I have some junk in my trunk, folks (The Hubster haaaates when I say that. Oops!) and sometimes I like to blog about it. I am proud of my big bum. Go big or go home! HOO HAH!

    There you have it. Have you checked your list lately?

    Shop Girl*

    P.s. A huge THANK YOU to Lil’ Woman and Can I Just Say… who both gave me the Cutest Blogger Award!! It’s my very first award and I feel special. :)

  • The Intermediate Stand-Around*

    Last week I chaperoned my very first high school dance and it was an interesting experience. Busting a kid for trying to sneak booze into the dance was definitely the highlight of the night, although the music was also great and all the kids danced and had a great time so it was fun to watch.

    Yesterday I got to see the flip side of the coin and chaperoned my first intermediate dance. Take a minute and think waaay back to your grade 7 and 8 days and reflect on your first “dance”… (Umm, yup, I couldn’t remember much either. haha)

    All week I had seen posters covering the intermediate wing advertising the upcoming dance with a retro theme. This both excited and saddened me… I realized that “retro” for this group was childhood for me and I officially felt old. *sigh* I once made a reference to Jonathan Taylor Thomas to a group of grade 10 students and they had no idea who he was. I mean–really?! He was only the love of the 12-year-old version of myself’s life!

    Anyway. So, I’m old now. However, I soon realized that as it’s a “retro” dance, a lot of the music would be my favourite songs from when I was younger, right?! HOO HAH!

    I’m not sure if you remember, but typically intermediate dances are done during school hours and not in the evening, like high school dances. So this reeeeally narrowed the possibilities for sneaking alcohol into the dance. Oh, and they are all 12 or 13. Sooooooo… I figured the chances of my making another bust were significantly lower this time. Disappointing. haha!

    I was a little disappointed when I arrived at school the morning of the dance to see very few retro outfits. I had one side-ponytail in my classroom, but that was about it. So, at lunch I slipped into the staff room for an hour of peace and quiet where I could read my current book (Freak the Mighty) in solitude. Nothing could have prepared me for the amount of spandex and neon colours I saw when I reentered the intermediate wing sixy minutes later. As I walked through the throngs of side pony tails and tight pants I was very impressed at how the kids had dressed up! I hadn’t even thought that they might be hiding their “costumes” (my former wardrobe) in their lockers.

    Then the cutest thing ever happened. I stood in the hallway supervising students as they filtered down towards the dance. As the last few students trickled out I heard a little voice call me over to the entrance of the boy’s washroom. This is the conversation that ensured:

    Boy: “Excuse me, can you come here?”

    Me: “Sure! Is everything okay?”

    Boy: “Umm yes. You look like you might know.”

    Me: “…know what?”

    Boy: “Did people gel their hair up… you know, in the 80’s?” (He then proceeded to whip out a massive bottle of hair gel from his pocket)

    Me: “Well, I’d think so. Big hair was pretty popular.”

    Boy: “But you don’t know, like, for sure? I don’t want to be embarrassed.”

    Me: “I think that if you would like to gel your hair then you should absolutely go for it! The 80’s were all about individuality!”

    Boy: “…I think I’ll just go to the dance now.”

    …and then he walked away (whilst I, being the good teacher I am, waited an appropriate amount of time before bursting out laughing. haha).

    I actually wasn’t scheduled to chaperone the first 40 minutes of the dance, so I missed out on the beginning to complete some lesson planning for next week. As my prep period ended, I hurried toward the dance excited to rock out to old music / give kids the “I’m watching you” eye as they left to get a drink (from the fountain… ha).

    I arrived to Justin Timberlake’s “Sexy Back” and thought, “Ok, so they are mixing up newish songs with old ones. That’s cool.” Yeah… no. From there we moved on to Lady Gaga, Timbaland, Pussycat Dolls and some Britney Spears. All great songs–don’t get me wrong–it just wasn’t the Madonna, Blondie and Michael Jackson I expected to hear. The closest we got to retro music was a little Twisted Sister and some Village People. Now I understand that the DJ probably chose to play more modern music as people are more likely to dance to music they know, which would have been fine had actually dancing occurred. haha! I think from here on in intermediate dances should be called intermediate stand-arounds instead. For the girls, dancing involved some bopping at the knees and the occasional hand gesture (if it didn’t interfere with gossiping with friends about boys). The boys were much more active–dancing took on the form of chasing each other around the dance floor and pushing people over. We had to kick a few boys out for beating each other up, which they told us was just their way of dancing.


    …and then a slow song came on. The second the beat changed it was like the parting of the red seas… all the girls moved to one side of the room, and the boys to the other. The girls stood there gossiping about those that had actually been asked to dance, while the boys sat on the floor in groups to make it as obvious as possible they they were too cool to dance with girls. (Oh boys, if only you knew that in two years you will love slow songs for the bum-grabbing opportunities they provide…) The few couples actually brave enough to tackle the middle of the floor and dance together were about as intimate as Napoleon and Deb up there. You could have fit a car between some of the couples I saw. haha!!

    All in all it was a great dance. I only saw three bawling girls, two fights and there was NO puke. Best of all–it was done by 3pm. Oh intermediate dances, I heart you!

    What were intermediate dances like for you??

    Shop Girl*

  • Friday is my Friend*

    Today was a good day.

    First things first–it’s casual Friday. I still haven’t been brave enough to wear jeans to school as my associate teacher (AT) never ever does. Today she came wearing a skirt when the rest of the staff was in jeans and running shoes. I am slowly working my way there though–today I ditched the dress pants for something more comfortable.

    Second, we finally bonded!!!! I finally feel like my AT and I broke though this uncomfortable wall we’ve had between us. It’s just been so different from my last placement where my previous AT and I hit it off instantly and were besties (mostly because he looked like Billy Idol, and really–who doesn’t want to be best friends with Billy?). In this case, I really felt like I had to work to earn her trust and respect and she is always very very focused on school. Today was the first time (in 3 weeks) that she asked me a question that had nothing to do with lesson planning or students. We had a great, albeit brief, conversation about our lives outside of school and it was great.

    Thirdly, today was the Intermediate Dance. Remember how I shared my high school dance chaperoning experience last week? Welllllll, dear readers, this was an experience like no other. I’m kind of burnt out and exhausted right now so I’m going to wait until tomorrow to share the magic… it probably deserves it’s own post anyway. It was… interesting.

    And now it is bedtime as my head has drooped so close to my desk it’s getting difficult to type. haha! Karog and I went to the gym tonight and I think I worked out too hard. My body is sore and I am utterly and completely exhausted. However, I will leave you with a wonderful little gem… my friend Hot Rod and I were talking about this video last night and I thought you might enjoy it. Really–who doesn’t need a little Hoff in their life? ;)

    Shop Girl*

  • Let’s Talk Idol*

    Let’s talk American Idol.

    I don’t normally do this–I try and keep my television obsessions closeted, but I cannot contain myself. I have been watching American Idol for years. I am by no means a professional singer, but I used to perform a bit locally and I love watching it and seeing what people can do. The past few years I watched, but was never in love. Then 2009 rolled around and…


    Well, most of it.

    First things first, I love the new judge. Kara DioGuardi is fabulous and she seems to balance out some of Paula’s craziness.

    They have also made some new interesting changes to how the Top 12 is formed. Rather than the judges having the final say of who goes home / stays from the Top 24 as has been done in the past, there are now three groups of 12. Each night a group is featured and has a chance to perform. From each group the three contestants with the most votes get a seat in the coveted Top 12. That makes for a grand total of 9 seats, so the last three are given on a wild card show.

    How fun is that?

    I love competition. I thrive on it… I think this new method totally ups the ante. Last night the results show for the first group of 12 was aired, and I was actually pretty happy with the decisions. I have to admit– the performances of 2/3s of the group were terrible, so much so that I could not help but yell things at my TV (sometimes I get a little too involved… haha). However, there were some phenomenal performers. Danny Gokey rocked my world. I am SO glad that he can actually sing / perform after all the hype they gave about him during the auditions. Alexis Grace was pretty awesome as well, although I didn’t find she was as fabulous as everyone else did. However, she was by far the best of the female contestants this week. Lastly, I’m on the fence about Michael Sarver. There were definitely better performances than his, and if I could be Simon / boss of the competition I probably would have put Ricky Braddy through in his place. But meh. Two out of three ain’t bad–and crazy Tatiana is almost gone!! WOOO!!!!! (did anyone see her bawling and hiding behind the other contestants while Danny was singing? Saaaaad.)

    Have you been watching?? Thoughts?? I’m really impressed with the new format and new talent so far this year… let’s keep it up!!

    Shop Girl*

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