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A little while ago I read a post by one of my favourite bloggers (Tia) that had to do with Google Analytics. Google Analytics is one of the nifty little site trackers I use to monitor my website’s statistics (blah, blah, blah). Anyway. One of the things this site tracks are the keywords people use to find your site through search engines.

So, I got to thinking–how do people find me? Having never really examined the list before her post, I scanned my Google keywords and discovered these little gems:

“25 things about me love to doodle”
I think it would be a wee bit more correct if that read “25 things about me hate to doodle”. Sooo not a doodler. (is that a word?!) Umm… well, I definitely just wrote the 25 things post, and my oldest brother’s nickname is Doodle, so I guess that one sort of fits?

“Blog + to spank or not”
Okay–first things first. This is not that type of blog. If that’s what they were looking for… uhm, sorry friend. haha! I can only guess it was connected to THIS entry last month.

“The Death March”
YAAAY! So happy that this connects to meeeee. (Perplexed?) Last year I told one of my all-time favourite family stories involving my oldest sister Peeah (who turns 29 today! WOO WOO!) It’s one of my favourite posts on my blog. You can read it HERE.

“25 random things about me cheesy love songs”
Wellll… the Hubster says I am the Queen of Cheesy, and apparently Google knows this as well. Cheesy love, I heart you. (songs included)

Facebook pregnancy status
I had to google this one… and there are actually several websites devoted to “cute ways to announce your pregnancy on Facebook”. Who knew? I always thought the, “HEY! I’M PREGNANT!” one always worked well, but the best one I read was “BlahBlah: has a pea in her pod.” WINNER! (And no, there is no pea in my pod.)

“Free video my friend hot mom”
…uhm… I was not exactly sure how this connected to my wholesome, lovely blog, so I did what amy good person would do: I googled. Oh, sweet mother. After sifting through pages of links to porn (including one site that apparently “reviews Hoes”, in case you had questions) I was unable to find how it connected to my blog. (*inward sigh of relief*) I still promise that this is not that type of blog. I think.

“He’s married and didn’t let me know”
This one made me sad… and perplexed. The Hubster definitely lets me know he’s married all the time. Being his wife, I like this. haha! Despite this, I had almost forgotten that until this fall the Hubster knew he was married, but sometimes didn’t believe it.

“Is it okay to fall asleep in a stranded car?”
…no. (Seriously?!??!?!)

“What is meant by I want to slam you”
Dear person,
Love, Me.
(Apparently there is more than one pick-up line offender out there…eeek.)

And last, (but not least… there were over 100 different keywords since I reentered the world of Google at Christmas), my favourite:

“Woman big bum”
I have some junk in my trunk, folks (The Hubster haaaates when I say that. Oops!) and sometimes I like to blog about it. I am proud of my big bum. Go big or go home! HOO HAH!

There you have it. Have you checked your list lately?

Shop Girl*

P.s. A huge THANK YOU to Lil’ Woman and Can I Just Say… who both gave me the Cutest Blogger Award!! It’s my very first award and I feel special. :)

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