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Today was a disaster.

Not so much so that I’d call it an utter complete failure of a day, but enough so to make me question my abilities of classroom management (aka: making sure the kids don’t kill each other… or me).

Right now I just want to put it all behind me and I’ll reflect on it more tomorrow when there is a bit of distance between myself and today.

For now, I want to share something with you that makes me deliriously happy. A T-Mobile commercial recently came to my attention that I have fallen MADLY in love with. I like to believe that this was not planned and that people just love to dance in random places in big groups. I LOVE spontaneous dancing. Love it. Watch:

I would DIE to be able to experience something like this… don’t you think it would be an amazing thing to see / participate in? I think it’s absolutely magical… and while I realize there is a “Making the T-Mobile Dance” video right beside this one, I choose not to watch because it might take the magic out of spontaneous dancing. And that would be sad, no?

Anyway, enjoy! I’m off to bed to sleep of this horrid day and prepare for a better one tomorrow. :)

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