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Friday is my Friend*

Today was a good day.

First things first–it’s casual Friday. I still haven’t been brave enough to wear jeans to school as my associate teacher (AT) never ever does. Today she came wearing a skirt when the rest of the staff was in jeans and running shoes. I am slowly working my way there though–today I ditched the dress pants for something more comfortable.

Second, we finally bonded!!!! I finally feel like my AT and I broke though this uncomfortable wall we’ve had between us. It’s just been so different from my last placement where my previous AT and I hit it off instantly and were besties (mostly because he looked like Billy Idol, and really–who doesn’t want to be best friends with Billy?). In this case, I really felt like I had to work to earn her trust and respect and she is always very very focused on school. Today was the first time (in 3 weeks) that she asked me a question that had nothing to do with lesson planning or students. We had a great, albeit brief, conversation about our lives outside of school and it was great.

Thirdly, today was the Intermediate Dance. Remember how I shared my high school dance chaperoning experience last week? Welllllll, dear readers, this was an experience like no other. I’m kind of burnt out and exhausted right now so I’m going to wait until tomorrow to share the magic… it probably deserves it’s own post anyway. It was… interesting.

And now it is bedtime as my head has drooped so close to my desk it’s getting difficult to type. haha! Karog and I went to the gym tonight and I think I worked out too hard. My body is sore and I am utterly and completely exhausted. However, I will leave you with a wonderful little gem… my friend Hot Rod and I were talking about this video last night and I thought you might enjoy it. Really–who doesn’t need a little Hoff in their life? ;)

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