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    Feels Like Home.

    A year ago today, I woke up early and got ready to go out for a run. As I came down the stairs, I found M sitting at his computer, looking at a house listing. He called me over to see it, and I agreed that it was stunning. So, I asked him where it was. When he told me, I flat out said no. I wasn’t interested, it was too far. We had already decided against looking in this area as it just felt so far from where we currently were. He nodded and closed the link. While I was out for my run, he fired off an email…

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    We have a closet!

    I woke up yesterday morning with a mildly sore throat. I hadn’t slept well for two weeks, worked more than usual this week and have been trying to complete the bedroom reno with M in every available moment, so I wasn’t really surprised. It didn’t bother me much yesterday though, so I didn’t even really think about it. We drove north for the afternoon, then were up late working on our new closet and dresser. It was almost midnight when I crawled into bed, and M crept in a little later after a much needed break. Well, that sore throat has bloomed into a beautiful man-voice that got progressively worse…

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    Monday Meal Planning*

    I feel like P and I are settling into a nice little rhythm with our days now that the big kids are back in school. At first he was devastated dropping them off every day, but once he realized that we pick them up again later, he’s been great. After we drop S & H off at school, we usually go for a little jaunt around the neighborhood. I release him from his prison (aka: the stroller) and he loves to run and examine every single stick and rock that we pass on the sidewalk. On Mondays we usually slip out to get groceries, and I’m trying to get back…