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Monday Meal Planning*

I feel like P and I are settling into a nice little rhythm with our days now that the big kids are back in school.

At first he was devastated dropping them off every day, but once he realized that we pick them up again later, he’s been great. After we drop S & H off at school, we usually go for a little jaunt around the neighborhood. I release him from his prison (aka: the stroller) and he loves to run and examine every single stick and rock that we pass on the sidewalk.

On Mondays we usually slip out to get groceries, and I’m trying to get back in the habit of meal planning again. I was doing so well for a while, but life got busy and I went back to the ol’ fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants method which, on a whole, is much less effective. I hate opening the fridge at 4pm, wondering what on earth I’ll make for dinner, especially since the kids start whining about being hungry by 4:45. I am never inspired with an impending deadline and whiny children.

So, I’m meal planning again. After we got back from our walk this morning I sat down with my agenda and organized my week. M & I have a shared calendar on our phones for all the big events, but I love having my own agenda to keep myself organized. I bought one a few months back and it was seriously such a game changer. I plan the menu in it, organize my daily tasks, and keep reminders about things I need to do… like someone I need to call or message, a chore I want to complete, cards to send, etc. It helps me juggle home, social life, work, kids, house and church like a boss.

Or at least someone who could be a boss.


So, we went out to get groceries this morning and I’m all set for the week. Today I have a pot roast and veggies simmering in my slow cooker, and I have two or three new recipes to try that I’m really excited about. One is a Thai peanut noodle and beef skillet, another is slow cooker sticky chicken and rice, and the other is a dairy-free cream of potato and leek soup. I get bored of my regular recipes really quickly, so I’m always trying to change it up.

Well, P is asleep and I have “wash kitchen floor” written in my agenda so I’d better get to it. I am always so much more motivated to do housework when I can check it off a list… the fact that there is a massive sticky spot where P spilled an entire cup of apple juice on the floor is also sort of motivating.

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