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I Heart Dollar Sales*

I love love LOVE No Frills’ dollar sale!! I’ve been meaning to write this post for a week, but it’s been a busy few days. Anyway. Last Friday night Too Kool came up for a visit and offered to take us to get a few groceries. That quickly turned into that massive receipt (I had to blur it because I realized that you could read it if you zoomed in… haha) that I’m holding–remember, that is food for two people. TWO. haha! Well, I had spied in a flyer that No Frills was having a sale, so we opted to head there. When we found out how amazing the sale was we kind of went nuts.

For example, we got: cereal, cases of water, eggs, milk, bread, soup, pasta, meat, snacks, juice, and so much more for a dollar each. It was out of control. We filled the back of Too Kool’s vehicle and then had to haul it all into our apartment which is why I look a little tired in the picture. It was a LOT of food. We can now say that we have excellent food storage! haha

Want to know the best part? We only spent $150 and have enough food to eat for like… ever. Dollar sales, I heart you!!!!

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