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    Grad Photos*

    So, I got my grad photo proofs back! Surprisingly, I don’t hate them all. I’d love your opinion before I spend WAY too much money to add to my mother’s graduation wall + send them to all our grandparents. Of the following 5, which do you like best?? [**You can click on them to enlarge them] Which grad photo do you like best? #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 view resultsFree vote poll Shop Girl*

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    Chapter Four* (The Accident)

    After finally cornering the Hubster and exchanging numbers, he had promised to call that Sunday evening. I assumed that he, being a male, would work on man-time and that that meant that I’d hear from him sometime later (around Wednesday). So I decided to go home for the weekend. While I was home I contracted some death-flu-sickness and was sick the whole time. As a result I was still sporting a hot man voice on Sunday when my best friend Bo Bandy picked me up from B Town so that we could travel back to the city together around 7:30pm. On our way home my phone rang. I fully expected…