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Beginning last Tuesday, I have had the week from hell. I don’t ever remember a time in my academic career that I’ve had so much due in a 7 day period. Let’s review:

Monday: Big motha essay due (Nazi medical experimentation)
Tuesday: Presentation.
Wednesday: Two assignments due en Francais.
Thursday: Research presentation. Scary.
Friday: work x 2 jobs
Weekend: more homework / catching up on everything I didn’t do during the week / meeting
Monday: Big motha French test and the last and scariest of my research presentations.

AHhhhhhhh *pulls out hair remembering the stress that only subsided at 4pm this afternoon*

Anyway, this was all amidst working both my jobs and maintaining my weekly school work/readings. I wanted to die. haha! Anyway, I made it through! The Hubster has been an amazing support for me the past few days… whenever I get really stressed he becomes Super Hubs and saves my sanity. I am married to a miracle man. :)

So, now that I have nothing due again until March 19th (HAAAALLELUJAH!!) I decided that I am doing NOTHING for the next couple of days. Tonight I parked my rear end on the couch and watched a few episodes of Lost, and now I’m blasting the remix to September by Earth, Wind and Fire, making muffins and rockin’ out. Life is good again. :)

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P.s. Dear Anonymous–I’ll respond to your post in the comments to this post. The Stumble Upon post will be archived soon. haha

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