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I’m not sure if I express enough (or maybe I express it too much) how appreciative I am of the man that I married. As I was sitting at my desk tonight contemplating whether or not I should work on my French, I heard yelling and screaming. At first I thought that the Hubster was watching some bizarre movie in the bedroom, but as I moved closer to the door I realized that it was coming from our hallway. My heart just about stopped when I listened to what was going on… our neighbours were screaming at each other, and the woman (who I think is about my age) shrieked “LET ME GO” several times. I didn’t want to get directly involved as I know these things can turn ugly quickly so I didn’t open the door, but the Hubs called the police.

This went on for about another 15 minutes, followed by loud door banging and slamming. The police arrived shortly after, and the couple either had left or were refusing to answer their door. It just left me with such a sick feeling in my stomach… I couldn’t believe the language that they were using with each other and just the whole situation was frightening.

In any case, it left me with a flood of gratitude for my husband. He is kind, gentle, loving and so considerate of my feelings that he never even raises his voice to me, let alone argue like that. I know that not everyone ends up in an ‘ideal’ relationship, but no one deserves to be involved in what I heard go on tonight. I am truly blessed.

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