• Salut mai*

    How is it even May already? I’m sure I could read through my previous blog posts to see where the year went, but really… May? It seems like yesterday it was September and I was praying for April to come… and here it is already May. Holy toot.

    Well, as you can see I’ve made some changes… thoughts? Do you like it? I’ve had a busy couple of days with all my computer updating. I’ve added / changed some things to my Facebook page, changed a few things here, and I’ve been working on some new additions to iheartmyshoes.com! The Hubster suggested I do some sort of a shoe gallery of my shoe “collection” so I have been toying with that as well as a few other ideas!

    In other news, tonight I finally went on a catch-up date with Twin. We haven’t seen each other in WEEKS, so we were long overdue. We had a lovely dinner together and then went tanning. It was exactly what I needed.. Dee has gone home for the summer and I hadn’t had any “girl time” in a little while, and I have missed the crap out of her. haha!! It’s just about the one year anniversary of meeting my most favourite summer girls… and I’m sad we’re not all together anymore. VIBES! COME BACK! :(

    I’m also pleased to announce that I am now a huge fan of Emmy Rossum, Maria Mena, and Sarah Barielles! Thank you to C, Danielle and K for your awesome music suggestions… I’m definitely still looking for more new music to listen to…

    Shop Girl*

  • Watch out Martha…

    …’cause you ain’t got nothing on me! WOO.

    I’m officially domesticated. This weekend the Hubs and I had our Post-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving dinner and it was FAB-U-LOUS! It was our first “dinner party” together and a freaking loved it. I want to do it all the time–I’ve discovered that I love cooking! So, we invited about 15 people over to our little place and I think everyone had a great time! Dee came over early to help me cook, and together we prepared:

    Turkey & Stuffing
    Slow Cooked Ham w/ brown sugar and pineapple
    Steamed Broccoli
    Green beans & Garlic
    White Turnips
    Sweet Potatoes in a brown sugar sauce
    Mashed Potatoes

    Ahhhhh it was so good. The vegetables were so good I could have totally even done without the meat. Not that I wanted to because the turkey and ham were freaking AMAZING, but you know. We also made it semi-pot luck, so people brought drinks, buns, salad, dessert, etc which made it nice and easy. Ah. I think next on the agenda will be a Fondue party with Dee, Vibes, Twin, K and my newish amazing friend [JW]. She’s freaking awesome and has a boyfriend that lives 20 minutes away from my parents so I foresee many glorious road trips!

    Anyway, I’ve decided I’m not afraid of Martha Stewart anymore (I find her very intimidating– I mean, look at her eyes. She has the “CRAZY” eyes) and I’ve done my first big dinner. Bring on the dinner parties. Here are a few pictures from the dinner:

    Dee & Hank (Our Turkey)

    Vibes & K

    The Hubs & I

    K, Twin & I

    The Hubs and his master carving skills

    Moi, Dee & A Horizontal Hubs

    The Halo playing begins….

    Moi, Twin & Dee

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  • Wonderlaaaaaand*

    Okay. So yesterday was AWESOME.

    But before we get to that, a few updates for you. I survived the dentist, and as of now only have to go back for one repeat visit on the 8th. So should this end up being true, I’ll love my dentist and share my previous dentist monstrosity with you.

    As well, tonight I finished another class! That’s two down, and only one to go. I have an exam on Monday afternoon and then I am SOOOOOOOOO done. Yay for one month of summer!! hahaha

    So. Yesterday Twin, K and I went to Canada’s Wonderland (I can’t call it Paramount Canada’s Wonderland because some new company bought it out) and it was FABULOUS. I shall now list the reasons why it was such a glorious day:

    1. I went with these two people. They are pretty much two of the most ridiculously fun people
    I’ve ever met. The pictures will show you.

    2. We sang our hearts out to CELIN DION in the car. That’s right. (well, actually Twin and I sang to K while she pretended not to know us for the duration of the song. hahaha)

    3. It was K’s first time being in a large theme park which made it ALL the more fun. We jammed a lot into the 8 hours we were there.

    4. We ate those ridiculously big chocolate chip ice cream cookies and thought we were going to overdose on sugar.

    5. My favourite: Twin was the only one who did not want to get wet while we were there. And of course, of all of us, she was the one that got SOAKED. hahahahahaha

    All in all, it was a glorious day. I’ve added a few extra pictures for your viewing pleasure. :) (Oh, K’s shirt had our university logo on it, so I’ve blurred it it out)

    Shop Girl*

  • AH*

    Ah. SO much has happened in the past few days… I don’t even know where to begin. First things first–so, I exaggerated, and my stay at the inlaws was good. We were a little cramped and I had to do my hair and makeup with a tiny compact mirror for 2 days, but we survived. It now looks as though Dog Lover and Spiritual Voice are planning to live with D&D for an extended period of time though, so our visits might be cut back a little.

    We came home Sunday night, after I went out and shot Dog Lover and Spiritual Voice’s engagement photos. They actually turned out really nicely! The one they are planning to use is this one:

    I’m pretty dang proud of my photography work… I think it turned out nicely!

    Anyway, after the photo shoot D&D drove us back and we spent a quiet evening together and went to bed early as I didn’t sleep much (we were on a thin futon). Yesterday was jam packed! Actually, that’s not true. haha! I spent most of the day reading Huckleberry Finn for an essay that I need to write tomorrow. Then Twin and I went tanning in the evening, and when we came out we found this:

    It was the most amazing rainbow I have ever seen… these pictures really don’t do it justice. And the most bizarre thing was that it hadn’t rained at all. It was just a random rainbow. I love it. And this is only half of it… I couldn’t capture the whole image with my little camera, but you could actually see the entire arc from where we were. SO cool.

    Let’s see… OH. This morning I had an interview at Canadian Tire! I dropped off a resume like 2 months ago, and then kind of forgot about it because I didn’t hear anything! Well, yesterday I got a call… and today I went in! My interview went very well, and I’m pretty sure I got the job. Only now I’m not sure if I want it. haha! I came home and had a long talk with the hubs, and I’m not sure if working there is my best option. A week or so ago I was told to bring over a resume to a lady I know that runs a couple of daycares here in town. I’ve been hesitant to do so because I’m terrified at the idea of working with such little people (5 and under) and I’m lazy. But after coming from my interview and learning that I’ll likely have to work every Saturday because I don’t work on Sundays, I’m a little turned off about Crappy Tire. The Daycare (should I get it) pays more and I could use the experience on my Teacher’s College application this fall which is pretty much my priority until I get it in. Ah. So many decisions… so I’ve been call screening all day to avoid Canadian Tire should they call to offer me a job. hahha

    Onto today! After my interview, I finally went and booked an appointment at a dentist as I haven’t been in 2 years and I have a sore tooth. I’m more than a little afraid after my disaster experience the summer I got married (that’s a story for another day) but I bit the bullet and I have an appointment tomorrow morning. I’ll keep you posted.

    This afternoon Twin came over and we pretended to study for the exam we wrote tonight. Well, we studied for about 45 minutes, then we made Kangaroo Squares, listened to music and she cheered me on while I finished a journal entry for this class in under 10 minutes. I’m a star! Then we went and absolutely gorged ourselves on lovely lovely pizza and crazy bread from Little Ceasar’s and went and wrote the exam. I think I actually did really well, and it feels sooooooo good to have one class finished. This week is still going to suck somewhat: finish Huck Finn, write essay on Huck Finn by Thursday, WONDERLAND (maybe) all day Thurs, test Friday, read all weekend, exam Monday, then………. SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FOR A WHOLE MONTH!!!!!!! WOOOOOO!! WOOOOOOOOO!!!!! HOO HAH!!!!! *banana dance* Ah. Not yet. It’s so close… but so far.

    So, that’s where I am. It’s been a busy few days. OH. And I need to show you my new desk. That’s right, I finally have a new desk. One that doesn’t wobble when I type and it holds all my books!!!

    It’s absolutely LOVELY. Wow. This has turned into a marathon blog. Time for to stop. I’ll post my dentist adventures tomorrow… wish me luck!!

    Shop Girl*

  • Singin’ in the Rain*

    I really should have written about this yesterday, but I was tired and wet and just decided to watch a lot of Alias instead. haha! Yesterday Twin and I had class together, and as the prof ended early, we decided to to a bit of shopping downtown. I have completely converted her to a love of smelly candles, and so I was showing her the two craft stores downtown where I know that you can buy them. They are about 5-6 blocks apart, so we parked at one, then walked down to the other. As we were walking, we noticed the sky getting dark, but really didn’t think much of it. We were in the store for a few minutes picking out one she wanted (Grandma’s Kitchen… it’s the best candle in the world) and as we got to the register, the sky opened and a wall of water poured out. I have not seen it rain that hard in a lonnnng time.

    Anyway, so we waited at the store front for 5 minutes waiting to see if it would let up a bit, and it lightened a little, but not much. By this point it was getting later in the afternoon and she had to be at work by 5pm, so we decided to brave it. We walked the 5 blocks and got absolutely drenched… but it was actually really fun. People were looking at us like we were crazy, and I had the biggest raccoon eyes (running mascara) in the world, but it actually kind of made my day. haha I had forgotten how fun it can be to play in the rain. Really… you should try it. :)

    Shop Girl*

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