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Okay. So yesterday was AWESOME.

But before we get to that, a few updates for you. I survived the dentist, and as of now only have to go back for one repeat visit on the 8th. So should this end up being true, I’ll love my dentist and share my previous dentist monstrosity with you.

As well, tonight I finished another class! That’s two down, and only one to go. I have an exam on Monday afternoon and then I am SOOOOOOOOO done. Yay for one month of summer!! hahaha

So. Yesterday Twin, K and I went to Canada’s Wonderland (I can’t call it Paramount Canada’s Wonderland because some new company bought it out) and it was FABULOUS. I shall now list the reasons why it was such a glorious day:

1. I went with these two people. They are pretty much two of the most ridiculously fun people
I’ve ever met. The pictures will show you.

2. We sang our hearts out to CELIN DION in the car. That’s right. (well, actually Twin and I sang to K while she pretended not to know us for the duration of the song. hahaha)

3. It was K’s first time being in a large theme park which made it ALL the more fun. We jammed a lot into the 8 hours we were there.

4. We ate those ridiculously big chocolate chip ice cream cookies and thought we were going to overdose on sugar.

5. My favourite: Twin was the only one who did not want to get wet while we were there. And of course, of all of us, she was the one that got SOAKED. hahahahahaha

All in all, it was a glorious day. I’ve added a few extra pictures for your viewing pleasure. :) (Oh, K’s shirt had our university logo on it, so I’ve blurred it it out)

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