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Salut mai*

How is it even May already? I’m sure I could read through my previous blog posts to see where the year went, but really… May? It seems like yesterday it was September and I was praying for April to come… and here it is already May. Holy toot.

Well, as you can see I’ve made some changes… thoughts? Do you like it? I’ve had a busy couple of days with all my computer updating. I’ve added / changed some things to my Facebook page, changed a few things here, and I’ve been working on some new additions to! The Hubster suggested I do some sort of a shoe gallery of my shoe “collection” so I have been toying with that as well as a few other ideas!

In other news, tonight I finally went on a catch-up date with Twin. We haven’t seen each other in WEEKS, so we were long overdue. We had a lovely dinner together and then went tanning. It was exactly what I needed.. Dee has gone home for the summer and I hadn’t had any “girl time” in a little while, and I have missed the crap out of her. haha!! It’s just about the one year anniversary of meeting my most favourite summer girls… and I’m sad we’re not all together anymore. VIBES! COME BACK! :(

I’m also pleased to announce that I am now a huge fan of Emmy Rossum, Maria Mena, and Sarah Barielles! Thank you to C, Danielle and K for your awesome music suggestions… I’m definitely still looking for more new music to listen to…

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