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    I sometimes feel like I haven’t been putting enough “me” in my blog these days… I absolutely love telling my story of how I met the Hubster, but that was me 3 years ago. There’s quite a bit going on with the me in the present that I should probably be writing about. Tomorrow I find out if I will be accepted to Hippie U and whether or not I’ll be able to stay with my Hubs next year. I know I told you that I didn’t get in and was heading to River City for teacher’s college, but the Hubster and I decided to fight for it about 3…

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    It’s up to you*

    After getting such a positive response from my Death March post about Peeah, I thought I’d tell another funny story involving my family, but I thought that I would let YOU chose. So, of the following post titles, which would you MOST like to read about?? Which of the following stories would you like to hear about? The Goat Boy Semi-Stalker The Glass Door Incident Doodle’s Toxic Waste Gloves The Light Switch Battle pollcode.com free polls