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I sometimes feel like I haven’t been putting enough “me” in my blog these days… I absolutely love telling my story of how I met the Hubster, but that was me 3 years ago. There’s quite a bit going on with the me in the present that I should probably be writing about.

Tomorrow I find out if I will be accepted to Hippie U and whether or not I’ll be able to stay with my Hubs next year. I know I told you that I didn’t get in and was heading to River City for teacher’s college, but the Hubster and I decided to fight for it about 3 weeks ago. I never felt quite right about the decision as a) even though my marks aren’t terribly great, I do have a good portfolio of experience and I am an equity student; b) I was accepted at another teacher’s college with a better program and better reputation but not this one; and c) when I did try to find out why I wasn’t accepted no one I talked to would tell me anything specific.

So first we went through the admission office at the teacher’s college here and spoke with a few people who gave us some hope and direction to whom we should talk to. We were given the name of a woman who was in charge of admissions here and I began trying to reach her. I went to the office. I called. But she was always conveniently unavailable or wouldn’t answer her phone. Finally I emailed, and lo and behold, within a half hour I had a generic response that again told me nothing. So apparently she was simply not answering her phone because she didn’t feel like it. Nice.

The Hubster was particularly dissatisfied with the response, so he took it upon himself to go into the office of the Dean of Admissions over the entire university (my knight in shining armor <3). After speaking with her assistant who felt we had a good case, we drafted a letter explaining our situation and sent it off. The same day she responded, thanked us, and passed it on to her contact in the registrar's office who would review our case. We went and met with him yesterday, and learned that tomorrow I find out one way or another. So here we are. Even though I know River City U is a great school and I’d probably be happy there, I don’t want to leave my husband if I can avoid it. He is my best friend and the love of my life… and I want to be with him. Tomorrow I find out. I’m a little nervous… I know we’ll make it through whatever happens, but I really want this. Like I really really want this. I’ll keep you posted. Shop Girl*

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