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No News is Good News?

So… remember how I told you yesterday that I would know what the heck I’m doing next year today?

Yep. Not so much. haha! I waited alllllllllll day. No email. No phone call. No personal visit begging me to be a part of their program. *sigh* I did call the office, and it looked as though the guy I had spoken with wasn’t even in the office today… so I’m hoping I’ll hear on Monday. If not, I’ll call every 10 minutes until I know. :)

On a happier note, my faith in humanity was restored today. Remember George? My sweet little Italian bus driver that makes me smile every time I get on the bus? Well, he switched routes and now he is driving the bus I take to get home so I see him nearly every day. Today, as he was driving me home from work he made my heart melt. This is why:

There was a little old lady with a walker on my bus. She mentioned to someone near her that she normally took another bus to get home, but as an older bus with steps had been assigned to that route today, she needed to take this one as it was a newer model that is more “senior friendly”. The bus driver overheard, and asked where she needed to go. He then proceeded to drive past the stop to get her as close as possible, then lowered the bus wheelchair ramp so she could easily walk off the bus with her walker. However, before he let her do that, he got OFF the bus and helped her down by holding her walker steady. Once she was on the sidewalk, he then stopped traffic and walked her safely across the street.

I wanted to hug him… I was SO impressed. Seriously. When do you EVER see that happen anymore? He helped a total stranger. My heart smiled. :)

Today was also my last day at the school… I was so sad. I can’t believe how much I came to enjoy working in that classroom– and I was so nervous about being in grade 2! It absolutely changed my opinion about working in the primary / junior stream. As I was leaving the kids engulfed me in a massive group hug and nearly bowled me over… I’m really really going to miss them.

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