My thoughts*

Things I Am Thinking…


…being a grown-up is awesome. But also hard.

…I miss Ghetto U. And Bo Bandy. And Star.

…I love my house.

…I love my neighbours.

…I need to start running again, but I wish I had someone to go with.

…I’m so tired.

…my laundry is in the dryer. I should go get it.

…this week felt incredbily long, but also went by incredibly fast.

…I miss my family.

…I love that my family actually  likes to spend time together.

…the Hubster is working so hard to make our home nice. I need to tell him more that I’m grateful for all he does.

…I love my house, but I think we need a break. Date night?

…this face mask makes my face feel weird.

…I heard my niece on the phone tonight, and I realized (again) just how much I love that child.

…I need groceries.

…we need a lawn mower.

…we have a lot of beautiful books that I have never read.

…so much to do, so little time.

…so much I want to do, so many obligations.

…still tired.


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One Comment

  • Shelly

    I’m sorry we can’t run together! And date nights are always a good thing! And I’m really glad you are enjoying your new house; can’t wait to see it!