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I knew that having our own home would keep us busy, but I really didn’t have a clue about how much work it would be!

It’s glorious, fulfilling, magical work… but work nonetheless.

I’m still slowly but surely picking away at boxes and other tasks that need to be accomplished. All of important items are all unpacked and away, but some of the things we don’t use on a regular basis have been sitting in their boxes until I have time to get at them.

Tonight I tackled the spare room.

It’s kind of been our catchall for the things that don’t yet fit in our office or bedroom, as well as all the items that will go in there when it’s all unpacked.

In other words, it’s a disaster.

I’ve really been avoiding it as it’s a lot of the finicky things–books, breakables, linens, random items, collections, etc–but as Peeah may be coming to visit on Monday, I’m trying to get as much unpacked as I can before her (maybe) visit.

I tend to work much better with a deadline.

I’m sorry that I still haven’t taken my dress photo… I finally did laundry tonight and the dress is currently hanging looking beautiful (and damp) on its hanger. Hopefully tomorrow!

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  • Teacher Girl

     Hang in there! I swear, sometimes I look around the house, realize it has been 3 years since I first bought it, and can’t believe there are things that I still haven’t done. It’s all a process and it’s never ending, but in a good way. We need pictures!!