House Projects*

12 Hour Errands*

I am so sunburnt.

Today the Hubster and I had the craziest day ever. We woke up early to rush out the door to help out with our church yard sale at 7:15 am. Part of youth organization is trying to raise money to purchase a defibrillator for our chapel. The Hubster was involved with the organization of the yard sale, so I decided to go to help out.

We had the most perfect day for it… it was beautiful, sunny and warm.

And obviously I forgot sunscreen.

I have a magnificent t-shirt burn, complete with a neck collar and sleeves. It’s pretty hot, I’m not going to lie.

After the yard sale we were off to run a billion errands. We had a glorious sushi lunch, then made our way through IKEA, Canadian Tire, Home Depot, RONA, No Frills and Food Basics.

Today we made one of our most exciting purchases since buying our home: a lawn mower.

While our backyard may currently be a beautiful sea of brown dirt, our front lawn was still rocking the exotic jungle look. Again, I kind of liked it, but we decided to be good neighbours and, you know, not be the only house on the street with a jungle lawn.

(The rest just haven’t caught on yet.)

I’m absolutely exhausted–but we have a fresh cut lawn and I couldn’t be happier.

I think I’m officially an adult now–cut grass just made my day. ha

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