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The Meeting* (Chapter Two)

I last wrote about the very first time that M and I saw each other. Tonight I’ll tell you how we actually met several weeks later.

So. In the weeks that followed after the dance I saw the (future at this point) Hubs around, but as I hadn’t actually met him, and didn’t know any of the people that he associated with, we hadn’t met.

Now this is the part of the story where my cousin (Lil G) and M’s best friend (Too Kool) love to take credit for our marriage. You see, in 2002 Too Kool was called to serve a mission in Colorado for two years. As his mission was winding down in 2004, my cousin Lil G was called to serve in the same mission. They didn’t know each other before they got there, but as they are both Canadians they became friends. As Too Kool was getting ready to go home, Lil G told him him that he had a fun cousin in the city and that he should look me up! So, Too Kool came home and (before finding me) met M and they became friends.

One Friday night I was sitting in the foyer after a YSA activity, and this guy (that I had never even SEEN before at this point) walked over to me and said, “Hey. Are you *H*?” I’m not going to lie, I was a little bewildered / creeped out. haha! I mean, I know people… but I didn’t think that I was that popular that random strangers knew me! I laughed and responded that I was, and he then went on to explain that he had met Lil G and had been sent on a mission to meet me! We chatted for a bit, but it was getting late so I headed home.

I saw Too Kool a couple of times in the weeks that followed, and we chatted a little when we saw each other. However, one night I saw that he had friends with him. As we were talking I glanced over and saw the man from the dance! I was immediately attracted to him… I mean, DANG, he was hot! I will always remember his shoes and smile… those were the first two things that I noticed about him! He was wearing these hot brown leather casual shoes, nice jeans and a nice collared shirt. And his smile… OH, his smile. My husband has a smile that makes me melt. :) Anyway, Too Kool introduced me to him and I learned that his name was M, but that’s about it. Again, it was late and at that point they all looked anxious to get home.

I later learned M’s’ version of this event… when we met that night it was 12:00am or later, and he had to be at work 8 hours later, and they still had a 40 minute drive home. Too Kool happened to be his ride that night and so he was stuck waiting for him while he talked to me! He assumed that Too Kool was interested in me and so in his impatience to get home, turned to a friend and laughed, “Oh, just make out already so we can go home! haha!” Ha! How differently things might have turned out! But no– the minute I met him that was it for me. My blinders went on and he was all I could see. :)

Next began the chase… it was another couple of weeks before I could even get him to look my way, but that’s another story. :)

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