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I heart Mozart. More specifically, I am in love with Symphony No. 40 in G Minor. I had kind of forgotten about my passion for classical music of late and have been mostly listening to mainstream music. However, the other night as I decided to vent on my piano keys I pulled out my classical music and started flipping through the pages. I haven’t played it in AGES, so I began with the classics–Pachelbel’s Canon (Canon in D), Hayden’s Surprise Symphony, Fur Elise, and then I flipped to Mozart. I had COMPLETELY forgotten about this piece… and I used to know it so well that I could play it by heart. I’m sure you will recognize it… the melody is mesmerizing. You can actually listen to it HERE, and I highly recommend that you do.

So, I’ve decided to head back to the classics for a while. Any suggestions for good listening?

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