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I’m currently attempting to write a short presentation about Niger for my French class and have absolutely no motivation to begin. So instead, I came here.

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about Easter today. I’m really missing my family (I haven’t seen them in 3 months and that’s quite a marathon for me) and this is the first year that we didn’t travel to be with family, either his or mine. Universities apparently don’t care about religious holidays and as a result do not mark Easter Monday as one, so it makes traveling anywhere difficult. This year it was impossible as the Hubs had a group meeting on Friday and it just wasn’t worth it to go somewhere for just one night.

I guess I almost feel like I’m not celebrating it this year. We both forgot to engage in the secular aspects of the holiday and buy each other mountains of chocolate, and although I hope to enjoy church tomorrow, because it’s just the two of us I doubt we’ll feel like making a big mess in the kitchen to have a big fancy Easter meal. And then Monday begins, and Easter is over. I always loved Easter, and this year I kind of feel like we skipped it because it’s been so busy. It’s also always nice to visit either his or my parent’s wards because they are double the size and the services are usually wonderful. I’m interested to see what our eccentric ward with come up with! haha!

Aside from that, it’s been an uneventful weekend thus far. Yesterday we went to the school to do some work, and today ventured out only to grab a few groceries. I’ve done a bit of cleaning, a bit of homework, and lot of watching of Holocaust documentaries. I wish so much that I could have taken an entire course load in modern German history as it is the FIRST subject that I have ever really connected with, but, c’est la vie! Two more weeks until I can (hopefully) walk away from it all and finish my majors that I have absolutely NO interest in whatsoever. I never should have been an English / History major, but it’s a little late to change that now! haha

Tonight I’m feeling rather… melancholy, I suppose. I long for change. I know it’s coming, but I guess I feel like it’s not coming soon enough! In any case, I hope you all have a wonderful Easter with your families / friends and spend a moment reflecting on the reason we celebrate this holiday.

Much love,
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