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I’ve had a relatively busy day, but I wanted to write a quick update before I embark on my essay for the evening (due tomorrow). Luckily it’s only 4 pages (so it’s really more like a paragraph) and it’s on poetry which is fairly easy to analyze. It might be a late night though. :)

Church was… interesting. The talks were focused on the Saviour and on the atonement which was really nice. The last one was a touch long (the meeting ran 25 minutes overtime) but we survived. There were also a number of musical numbers today. The choir did their best and performed some simple hymn arrangements and another lady sang a solo piece, and even though they weren’t perfect, I always love when there is more music in a meeting. Actually, the Bishop approached me after it ended and coaxed me into maybe singing in 3 weeks. He has been asking me since we moved here, and I decided I may as well bite the bullet and get’er done. haha!! He told me that I could choose what I want to perform, so I’ll have to take a gander through my books and see what I feel like doing. :)

I’m also enjoying church SO much more for a whole new reason… I’ve been called into the Nursery. :) I now get to spend a little over an hour with pretty much the cutest children I have EVER seen. We have snacks, read stories and play with toys. Life is good. I also really like the other Nursery leader. She’s also a young married person so we get along really well!!!

Well, after church I completed my favourite weekend activity: my Sunday nap. Besides the Hubster, I don’t know if there is anything I heart more than my Sunday naps. I curl up on the bed in the sun and sleep for an hour or two to rejuvenate myself for the coming week. It’s FABULOUS. If you are not yet a Sunday napper– I highly recommend it.

When we woke up we prepared our big Easter meal that we decided on… NACHOS. Haha! I had thought about preparing some big to-do, but we didn’t really feel like it. Too Kool is coming up next weekend and I’ll cook a nice meal then. Nachos were more fun anyway. :) Oh, and the Hubster is amazing and didn’t forget Easter after all!! I came out of the shower this morning to find a beautiful card on my desk. The Hubs always writes me long, wonderful messages in them and this one was no exception. I really did marry an amazing man. Hubs, I heart you!! xo

And so that brings me to tonight. I just spent the last 2 hours working on my French presentation (which took me SO much longer than I expected) and now I’m procrastinating my essay. This will hopefully be the 3rd last essay that I will EVER write in my undergraduate career… keep your fingers crossed! I’ve been trying not to make a big deal about it because I have this awful feeling that I won’t get in, but I find out about teacher’s college in about 2 weeks. It’s really up in the air because I have a fabulous portfolio of experience, but my marks aren’t great because I hate my program and have zero motivation to do it / cannot figure out what my professors want from me. *sigh*

Anyway, I should probably get started. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and ate WAY too much chocolate… I plan to go buy out the store as soon as it’s all on sale on Tuesday. :)

Happy Easter!!

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