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Tonight I have my first meeting for FC (the organization I volunteer with at school) and I so don’t want to go. I love volunteering with the organization, but I find the meetings absolutely pointless. There is nothing said that couldn’t be done through emails. Really, we could meet once every 4 – 6 weeks and probably get the same stuff done. *sigh* Oh well. I thought I was almost out of having to go as they decided to hold the meetings on Sunday evenings again (gross, I know) and they are at 8pm (even grosser). The buses stop running at 7pm in the area of the city that the Hubs and I live in, so I have no real way to get there unless I grab a ride with someone, but as the whole OT is made up of students, not many people have cars. I also don’t think it’s fair for me to have to pay for a cab both ways, so I refused to do that… but then our co-chair came to the rescue and offered to drive me. So, to the meeting I go. Boo.

Church was… interesting… again, to say the very least, and I wish our ward were a little more lively… there’s only so much a 75+ congregation can do. Today one of the speakers spoke about how he felt that the spirit prompted him to go fishing and blessed him by catching a fish because he really wanted to. I tell you… we have some stellar public speakers here. Yep. Be jealous. At least going has improved since I was called into primary. The ladies in there are actually under 50 and are really nice. It’s tiny, but hey– what can you do. The best part is that I actually only have to play piano for about 25 minutes. I sit in the mother’s lounge and quietly read for the rest of the time… and I can honestly say that I don’t really miss Sunday School or Relief Society. I miss it in my old ward where I actually got something out of it, but at least now I have a few quiet moments to myself and that seems to work better for me. :)

Anyway, I should probably do some reading before I am dragged to this meeting… I’m reading a book about Vietnam that is mildly interesting. The material is cool, I just find this author rather dry. 7 months until there is no more reading. SEVEN. :)

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