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I have been a horrible, horrible blogger this month. This is by far my worst month ever! Mind you, it’s been incredibly busy, but that’s no excuse. Well, here’s what’s been going on in my life:

I started my 4th (and hopefully final) year of university. It feels kind of surreal… booking my grad photos, beginning teacher’s college applications… it’s very hard to believe that it’s actually here! So far I like my classes–which is a first–and am hoping to really do well in them. I’m taking first year Intro French, a Medieval and Renaissance literature survey course, Modern German History (SO GOOD… I LOVE the professor for this class so I’ll likely rave about it fairly often), and two fourth year histories: a study of the Vietnam war from a Vietnamese perspective, and an intense look at 1939 – 1940 in Canadian history. So far, so good.

I also started a new job! I got hired at the university to be an assistant coordinator for the Peer Mentoring Program, so I now have two offices on campus. That’s right. TWO. I love it. haha! My job is pretty sweet… I sit at a computer and answer emails as they come in for 10 hours a week… and in between I have time to dink around or do homework. AND I make my own hours. AND there are no weekends or evenings. Did I mention that I love my job??

It’s also been wedding mania around here. Last weekend Dog Lover and Spiritual Voice were married and it was a beautiful wedding. This is a shot of them outside the Toronto Ontario Temple. It was simply done, but it was all that they wanted and that’s what counts, right? Spart came down and helped with the photography and video so I can’t wait to see when it’s all finished. :)

Other than that… life itself has just been busy. The Hubs and I had another wedding today that we just briefly stopped by for because we desperately needed to go grocery shopping as we have little to no time together during the day during the week! But now our cupboards are full and life is good! haha… I’m a little stressed that I may have taken on too much this year, but I think it’s only because I haven’t settled into a steady routine yet. Right now I’m on campus from 9 – 6 nearly every day between class, work and the organization I volunteer with–the one I co-chaired last year… this year I stayed on the OT but in position with MUCH less stress/grief. I now handle all the web stuff! It’s pretty cool!–so I’m pretty busy. Thankfully the Hubs and I have most of our evenings together so we do see each other from time to time!

I think that’s all my big news… I promise I’ll write more as things settle down.

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