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Speed Demon*

In my little city full of old people I often see things that strike me as odd or rather funny. What I witnessed today was definitely a mixture of both. Above you see a motorized cart. They are often seen at malls, theme parks or other large areas. The are most often used by people who are grossly overweight or by people who have difficult walking. The often have fun flags, baskets or other nifty attachments to make them even more fun. However, the little cart I saw today had none of these things. It was driven by a scowling little old man in a classic white golf cap who looked like he didn’t give a hoot what anyone else in the world thought…

…which is probably why he decided to drive it down the right hand lane of one of a busy street. Haha!! As the Hubs as I were walking to Shoppers to pick up a parcel we stopped at a light to wait to cross the street. As we stood on the corner I couldn’t help but notice this well-dressed little man (who had to be at LEAST 75) on his little cart on the street. At first I thought perhaps he had only moved onto the pavement to cross the street, but as I paused to watch, the light turned green and he motored through the intersection at 2 km an hour holding up all the traffic behind him. As I watched in disbelief I assumed he’d turn onto the sidewalk at the first opportunity as the cars roared past him, but no. This little man obeyed traffic laws and kept his motor cart on the road.

What upstanding citizens we have here in Seniors City. :) haha

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