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As you know, I am one of 3 co-chairs of an organization at my university. There are really only supposed to be two–this year was somewhat of an exception. Last fall I was a leader for Frosh week, and while I was there I was approached by a friend to see if I could fill a position on a organizational team (OT) for a group at the university. I said, ‘sure, why not’. Mind you, I was also delirious I was so sick from lack of proper nourishment and lack of sleep.

Anyway, so I got involved. The position I stepped in to fill was the junior co-chair position, as the girl who was supposed to be there had sudden serious health issues and missed the first few weeks of school, when our organization is busiest. So, I was thrown in, not knowing anything about what we did or what I was supposed to do, but I just went along with it. Typically, to be on the OT you need to have volunteered for at least a year before joining. And to be in a co-chair position, you need to have volunteered for a year, then spend a year in another position on the OT, then apply for the job. I had neither. haha

So I’ve spent the past few months playing catch up, trying to understand what goes on both on the volunteer side as well as the organizational side, and I’ve felt horribly out of the loop since day one. The girl I was replacing ended up coming back a few weeks into the semester so all of a sudden I felt like a third wheel– the girl who didn’t really need to be there.

Mind you, I love being apart of what we do. The goals of the organization are fantastic, and it is an excellent experience to add to a resume and teacher’s college application. However, there are bi-weekly meetings that I often have to miss because they are on Sundays. I am adamant about my Sundays… I never work on them, I try to avoid doing homework on them, and it is often the day when I have the missionaries over for dinner, as well as when our home teachers and visiting teachers come. As well, there are often meetings, firesides and broadcasts held in the evening– at the same time the OT has their meetings scheduled. I apparently missed the meeting where we voted on the day to meet, but because I have been unable to attend several meetings for church and family obligations, I may now lose my position as co-chair. The senior co-chair emailed me this morning to ask if I fully understood the commitment I had taken on when I took on the position, and whether or not I wanted to continue as co-chair.

So, now I’m all stressed out because I do want to stay on the OT, but I can’t make many of the meetings and that is apparently affecting my chances at staying where I am. I’m also now struggling with the fact that there’s a mandatory meeting on March 18th, and if I do go to Florida, I’d have to rush rush back from Toronto on the Saturday we get back in order to make this meeting on the 18th. baaaaaaaaaaah.

Oh, and I still haven’t moved. I’m still 145.5. Boo.

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